Tons of equipment ideas for...

Beginners or experienced van road trippers, looking for adventure, to explore, to travel, to stay warm, to eat well and much, much more!


Our adventure

Do you know who's behind Casambu ?

It's us! A happy French-American couple of vanlifers. 
After years of van trips (and hours spent searching for the perfect accessories), we had an idea: 

"Why not help other nomad travelers who, like us, are looking for good equipment"

We dreamed it... and the rest is history !


An eco-friendly approach

At Casambu, we aim to simultaneously explore and protect the planet

The Casambu blog

Every month you can find new blog posts from Casambu: potential road trips, recipes for the road, tips and tricks to simplify your nomad adventure, and much more.

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10 essential accessories to cook on the road

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