15 tips

to stay warm in a campervan

While many travelers decide to winterize their winter-ready vehicle, other, more courageous vanlifers continue to travel on cold (and snowy) roads and do not hesitate to go on a road trip even when temperatures drop. are fresher.

And it is true that the number one advantage of traveling in winter is being able to discover and visit tourist regions without too many people and to enjoy the spots all to yourself.

After traveling for several months in Norway and Sweden during the fall and as winter approached, we had the experience of traveling in a van when it was cold, very cold ... We quickly had to find solutions to stay warm in our converted van and do everything to avoid getting cold.

We then share with you our tips for traveling comfortably in winter temperatures .

Before leaving

Van insulation

1. Have good insulation (or know the level of insulation).

  • Tip No. 1 is to completely insulate your van or converted van with effective, high-quality insulation. We quickly noticed that our fitted van (standard) has almost NO insulation... Indeed, vans and vans with standard fittings generally have very poor insulation (or even non-existent...). It is therefore important to know the insulation of your vehicle before leaving so that you can equip yourself accordingly.
  • For additional insulation , we advise you to invest in exterior insulating curtains for windshields and/or insulating curtains for the interior of your vehicle.

Arriving at the spot 

    2. Turn on the heating a maximum of 10 minutes before arriving at the spot. This allows you to properly heat the passenger compartment of your vehicle and keep you warm once the engine is turned off.

    3. Park strategically:

    • On a place where the light of the rising sun arrives quickly . This will naturally warm your van at daybreak.
    • Direction South. Your windows will face south throughout the day and will be able to benefit from natural heat.
    • Sheltered from the wind as soon as possible (bushes, trees, etc.)
    • Under trees. Indeed, trees help retain heat and therefore keep your van warm.

    4. Avoid any condensation:
    • Condensation (and therefore humidity) when we are in a van is the number one enemy of the cold. It is therefore important to create air circulation. To do this, open your windows (very) slightly (a few millimeters are enough) to let the air in. I promise, you won't get any colder!

      5. Cover your windows:
        • Good thermal insulation on your windows will make all the difference.

          6. Dress warmly:
          • Leave with warm slippers (with an insulating sole if possible!) and a hat to keep the extremities of your body warm.
          • Use several layers to better manage temperature changes throughout the day. The 3-layer technique is known worldwide and used by hikers.
          • Favor warm materials such as merino wool which insulates very well from the cold and wicks away moisture or fleece which keeps heat close to the body to combat the cold.

          Before going to bed

          7. Cook a nice hot meal in your campervan. This will help warm the cabin (don't forget to open a window slightly if you have too much humidity while cooking your pasta). In addition, a good, hot and hearty meal will allow your body to better cope with the cold during cold nights.

          8. Prepare your clothes for the next day. This will allow you, in the early morning, to get dressed quickly (and under the duvet) and avoid getting out of bed to search for your clothes for 5 minutes.

          9. Slide a hot water bottle into the bottom of your bed. The hot water bottle used by our grandparents is very effective in a van or converted van when the nights are cold. A little hot water and you can warm up your bed before slipping into the arms of Morpheus.

          10. Equip yourself with a good warm blanket. It is THE important ACCESSORY to sleep well. Indeed, during winter nights, a good warm blanket, in fleece or wool, will allow you to stay warm until you wake up.


          11. Turn on a cozy light : of course, it won't warm up your van, but, during winter nights when the sun rises late, it allows you to wake up gently in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

          12. Turn on the heater BEFORE getting out of bed completely. Get out of bed for a few seconds to turn on the heating before slipping (again) under the duvet to wake up peacefully. After 15-20 minutes, the interior of your van will be warm and therefore very comfortable to get out of bed, prepare breakfast, get dressed and start the day.

          13. Heat some water in your kettle . This will warm up the room AND allow you to drink a nice hot tea or coffee early in the morning. Consider using an insulated mug to keep your drink hot for much longer.

          14. Exercise! If you want to warm up more, sport will be your best ally. Do a sports session (jogging, abs, squats, etc.) to activate blood circulation and stay warm.

          The little extra: you will feel even better afterwards!

          And the last tip for the end

          15. Always have a backup solution, whether it's an extra sleeping bag, a small extra blanket or a small space heater for those particularly cold nights (or if you accidentally spill your cup of tea on your warm duvet !).


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          We hope you find these practical tips and ideas useful for your next road trips.

          Do you have any other tips to share with us for staying warm? We will be delighted to know them :).

          You can contact us by email or on social networks.


          15 tips for going on a road trip in winter15 tips for going on a road trip in winter - blog
          January 25, 2024 — Marie Armingol

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