Traveling by van


Are you interested in the Vanlife adventure? Want to know more about nomadic life in a van, campervan or motorhome?

Tifenn and Kevin are a couple of nomadic travelers who travel the roads with Bidule (their dog), Oups (their cat) and Anna, their adorable little girl. As a family, they travel by van aboard their van completely fitted out by them.

After 4 years of nomadic life, they wanted to share their experience to accompany and help those who wish to embark on this great and beautiful adventure.

Tifenn and Kevin share essential travel tips:

  • Finding the right vehicle for your needs
  • Preparing for an unforgettable road trip
  • Day to day living in a van (with some tips)
  • Find the best routes.

Travelling in a van” has become the benchmark for future nomadic travelers and the must-have for traveling by van, campervan or motorhome, alone or with family.

You can also discover them on Instagram and follow all their adventures: @threevanlifers.


Three Vanlifers - The essential guide for traveling alone or with family

  • Authors: Tifenn Butel and Kevin Laurent
  • Editor: Youth
  • Language: French
  • Number of pages: 304 pages
  • Size: (L)21cm * (W)15cm
  • Weight: 450g