Fairy lights - 10m LED string


Once you've found the perfect spot for the night, the setup can begin: tables, chairs, hammock, campfire or barbecue and… your fairy lights for that perfect cozy atmosphere.

The Camplight LED garland made by The Sunnyside is perfect for your van, motorhome or RV. With it's  10 meters of length, it can be hung inside or outside your vehicle. Made from flexible copper wire, you'll easily be able to string it up just about anywhere.fine and robust copper wire, it can adapt to any space.

The built in dimmer allows you to choose the lighting that is right for you by selecting from 9 different intensities and blinking options.

Thanks to its low energy consumption and its waterproofing, you can install it wherever you want and enjoy it throughout the evening.

The light string connects to the power source of your choice (computer, power bank, vehicle charger) via its USB port.


The Sunnyside string lights are the perfect accessory to create a cozy space inside or outside your van, motorhome or RV:

  • 100 LEDs
  • Length: 10 meters
  • Materials: LED and copper wire
  • Intensity: 3 Watts / 5 Volts - Warm White
  • Low power consumption
  • The garland is composed of:
    • An integrated dimmer.
    • A remote control
    • A USB connector
    • A storage pouch.
  • Power bank not included.