Vanlife with family


Travelling with children often requires immense organization, logistics and a substantial budget. And yet, we all dream of adventures, of a change of scenery and of discoveries for the whole family.

Road trips in vans, motorhomes or converted vans can then be the solution to meet everyone's needs, to discover new horizons with our little adventurers, a move at your own pace and be free to go where you want!

But where to start?

Magali Selvi and her husband have been traveling the roads for 10 years with their little boy Tao, a real mini-vanlifer. She shares her experience of family vanlife, her advice and good plans so that you too can take the plunge and escape in a van with your family.

You can also discover Magali on Instagram and follow all her adventures: @lesvoyagesdetao



Vanlife with the family - The essential guide to discovering vanlife with little adventurers!

  • Author : Magali Selvi
  • Publisher : Eyrolles
  • Language : French
  • Number of pages : 178 pages
  • Size : (L)23cm * (W)17.2cm