Microfiber towel - Small


The microfibre towel of the Swedish Vinga brand is light, compact, efficient and above all eco-friendly. Like the larger version (large size) it is made of microfibre by using recycled PET. Moreover, it is OEKO-TEX 100 certified, one of the best-known textile labels in the world which guarantees it is produced without harmful chemicals and safe for human use.

Your van life will be easier with this small compact towel which is very practical thanks to its fabric which can absorb more water and dries three times as fast as a traditional towel. 

You can dry your feet after a walk on the beach, your hair after an unexpected storm and dry yourself after a shower without having a wet towel that gets in your way during a road trip!  


This product is made of 50% recycled PET bottles. It is also  OEKO-TEX certified, without harmful chemicals and safe  for human use.

  • Dimensions : (L)80cm * (W)40cm * (H)1cm
  • Weight : 131g
  • Materiall : 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide (65% of the polyester is recycled)
  • Certification : OEKO-TEX 100

    The + for the planet

    Vinga is a sustainable and eco-friendly Swedish brand:

    • Made from recycled material. 
    • Member of the Amfori network - a commercial European partnership to improve working conditions within the global supply chain. 
    • School support - Centre of Hope Primary School
    • ISO-14001 certified - the international standard that specifies the requirements of efficient environmental management.