Folding saw - Freescape Camp


The Gerber Gear Freescape Folding Camp Saw makes it easy to cut wood for your campfires. It can be used for camping , nomadic travel, hiking and outdoor outings .

This innovative Gerber portable saw folds flat in its handle without disassembling any parts. The blade of the saw folding in the handle, the transport of the saw is completely secure. You can easily store it in a backpack or in your converted vehicle.

Once unfolded, its rubber handle offers a good grip for sawing wood. Very robust and solid , the saw has 4 pivot points and can be used over the entire length of its blade (30 cm) allowing you to use all your strength and cut wood of all diameters.

The saw blade is easily replaced since it is compatible with all standard 12-inch blades.

A little +: The handle of the Gerber folding saw has green keys allowing it to be easily spotted on your camp or on your spot and avoid any incident.


The Gerber Gear Freescape Camp Saw folding saw makes it easy to cut wood during your outdoor outings and your nomadic trips.

  • Size: (L)36.8cm * (h)17.8cm * (w)2.6cm
  • Folded saw size: (L)35.1cm * (h)4.6cm * (w)2.6cm
  • Weight: 420g
  • Material: Stainless steel and carbon steel, rubber handle
  • Blade length: 30cm
  • Blade type: serrated blade
  • Colors: black, green