Biodegradable multi-purpose soap - 40ml


The Sea To Summit “Wilderness Wash” multi-purpose liquid soap is a biodegradable and very versatile soap.

You will be able to use this liquid soap for your dirty laundry, dishes and also for the skin. Regarding laundry , this soap can also be used on water-repellent textiles or for wool.

Thanks to its ultra-concentrated composition , it is enough to use only 3 to 5ml of soap (the equivalent of a cap) for 1 liter of water. This allows you to keep a small container and not be cluttered with soap, dishwashing liquid or standard detergent.

The durable container is equipped with a secure leak-proof cap , allowing it to be stored in the middle of its business in complete peace of mind .

It is always recommended to use biodegradable hygiene products if used more than 100 meters from a watercourse, lake, etc. The soap decomposes in the ground but can harm aquatic life.


The “Wilderness Wash” multi-purpose liquid soap can accompany you on all your nomadic adventures, thanks to its very compact format and its versatile use.

  • Composition : Ultra-concentrated liquid soap without phosphate and without perfume.