Paddles - Oru Paddle (set of 2)

Brand Oru Kayak

The essential accessory for a kayak? The paddles!

The 2 Oru Kayak paddles break down into 4 pieces in order to store them easily inside the kayak.

Very solid thanks to its very resistant ABS plastic blades, they are also customisable: it is possible to adjust both the paddle length and feather angles of the blades.


Oru Kayak paddles are suitable for all kayaks:

  • Adjustable dimensions: 220-230 cm
  • Weight: 1.25kg
  • Blade:
    • Materials: Molded ABS plastic. Marine grade stainless steel connection knobs
    • Blade size: 44cm*16cm
    • Blade shape: Asymmetrical
  • Stem:
    • Material: Reinforced and lightweight fiberglass
    • Shape: Straight
    • Size: Adjustable length 220-230 cm
  • Feather: Adjustable ferrule from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Distribution: 4 pieces
  • Control: Right-handed or left-handed
  • Sold in sets of 2

The + for the planet

Oru Kayak is a sustainable and committed brand:

  • Member of 1% For The Planet