Petromax Camping Oven Bag

Brand Petromax

The Petromax brand transport bag was created for the Petromax Camping oven and the additional cooking tray.

Its high-quality ripstop fabric makes it durable and very sturdy for transport: it is tear-resistant and water-repellent , which allows it to be used outdoors and in all conditions.

The extra padding in the bottom of the bag also helps protect the oven when stored. It can thus be moved in complete safety during your road trips and other nomadic adventures.

Its zipped pocket and additional two mesh pockets allow you to store a few additional items, such as potholders, tea towels or other useful accessories for cooking your food and preparing your meals.

Finally, the reinforced handles of the bag allow it to be transported very easily and comfortably.


The transport bag is used to store and transport the Petromax brand camping oven.

  • Dimensions : (d)38cm x (h)16cm
  • Weight : 390g
  • Material : nylon