Laundry Wash Bag

Brand Scrubba

Washing clothes on a road trip has never been easy in a van, motorhome or RV especially when you're not always close to a laundromat. We have found the solution!

The Scrubba wash bag is the smallest washing machine in the world, a handy tool on your roadtrips that'll allow you to wash clothes anywhere in minutes.

It's efficient design allows you to do up to 13L of laundry with very little water (about 4L) or detergent while remaining extremely effective.. Indeed, the Scrubba washing bag offers the same quality of washing as a machine cycle and better efficiency than a classic hand wash thanks to the quality of the flexible washing board inserted inside the bag and covered with hundreds of washing and resistant nodules.

Light and compact, the Scrubba wash bag weighs only 150g. Just bring the essentials and use the Scrubba bag to wash your clothes according to your needs. When not in use you'll easily store it in the cupboards of your little house on wheels; folded, the wash bag fits in a pocket.

The Scrubba bag is designed to be waterproof and to limit the growth of bacteria even in wet conditions. Versatile, you can also use this bag as a dry bag to protect your documents or fragile objects from water - (ideal for your keys and wallet while on beach and in the water).

Very easy to use, just insert laundry into the bag, add water and detergent (its transparent window allows you to measure the washing level). Close the bag tightly, open the valve to release excess air and rub the clothes against the washboard vigorously for 3 minutes. Your laundry is ready to be rinsed and dried.

The SCRUBBA wash bag, invented in Australia, received the innovation prize in 2012.



The Scrubba washing bag works like a pocket washing machine, perfect for your road trips and nomad travels.

  • Material: NTPU coated nylon, TPU nodules
  • Dimensions (unfolded bag): (L)54cm * (W)32cm
  • Dimensions (filled bag) : (h)16cm*(d)18cm
  • Capacity: 13L
  • Weight: 150g
  • Temperature: water up to 50°C max.
  • Color: green

Up to 2 T-shirts, 2 pairs of socks and 2 briefs/panties can be washedWhen the 13L bag is filled with clothes, the optimal volume of water for washing is about 4 liters.

Printed instructions on the outside of the bag.


The + for the planet

Scrubba is an eco-friendly brand:

  • Partner of “Charity Water”, an organization that provides access to drinking water in disadvantaged regions.