Stove / Gas BBQ - 2-Cook 3 Pro Deluxe

Brand Cadac
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The 2-Cook 3 Pro Deluxe gas stove from the CADAC brand is the perfect combination of elegance, functionality and quality to offer you an excellent option for all your outdoor meals in your van, campervan, or motorhome. 

Extremely versatile and 2 in 1 use, turns your stove into a barbecue! The stove includes two removable plates that can be attached to the pan support to allow you to cook, fry or even grill your food.

The smooth plate can be used as a plancha and is ideal for cooking fish, fried eggs and even pancakes! The ribbed plate is perfect for grilling.

With these two powerful burners, you can prepare meals for several people. Its integrated lid and non-slip rubber feet protect your dishes from all weather conditions and unstable surfaces.

No more searching for the lost lighter in your van, its built-in automatic piezo ignition will do the trick!

Note: The regulator is not supplied. You can find all our regulators adapted to your gas cylinder here.


The CADAC 2-Cook 3 Pro Deluxe Stove is an ideal stove for your outdoor meals during your getaways in your van, van or motorhome.

  • Lightweight low pressure stove with 2 burners
  • Automatic piezo ignition
  • 2x pan supports, smooth plate and ribbed plate
  • Carry bag included
  • Dimensions : (L)57cm * (w)32cm * (h)10cm
  • Weight : 6.1kg
  • Materials: Body in nylon and upper surface (burner base) in stainless steel. Non-slip rubber feet.
  • Burner output : 4 kW
  • Gas consumption : 291 g/h
  • Operating pressure : 28-37 mBar
  • Number of lights : 2 * 2kW
  • Gas : butane or propane