Travel bin - 5L

Brand Flextrash

The Flextrash travel bin is designed for all types of travels whether in a campervan, RV, motorhome, or camping (and even on boats) and can also be used as an extra bin in your office or at home.

The modern and refined design makes this bin a discreet element, while remaining easily accessible and practical.

Quick to install, it can be hung (almost) anywhere thanks to its different clips (sold separately):

  • The Flip-clip: attaches to the headrest bars in your vehicle.
  • The Alternate Headrest-clip: attaches to any headrest without bars in your vehicle.
  • The Wall-mount: allows you to mount the bin on any wall thanks to the 3M glue strip and anchors with screws, all provided.
  • The Vacuum-clip: uses its suction cup to attach to any porous surface such as a window or the outside of your vehicle.
  • The Table-clip: allows you to mount your bin on a table
  • The Camp-stick: Allows you to put your bin up outside in the grass, dirt or sand.

This soft travel bin is compact and very easy to store when not in use.

Cleaning is also easy thanks to its removable cover, attached with a zipper and Velcro.

Finally, the Flextrash brand has an eco-responsible and sustainable approach : it manufactures all of its bins from recycled PET bottles.


The flexible Flextrash brand travel bin is ideal for on-the-go trips, whether camping, boating or on the road trips in your car, van, RV or motorhome.

  • Unfolded dimensions : (l) 27cm * (L) 18cm * (h)25cm
  • Weight : 350g
  • Capacity : 5 liters (size Medium).
  • Materials : 100% recycled ABS lid and bag made of sugar cane and recycled polyester
  • Colors : black, cream and ocean green.
  • One garbage bag included. refills available here.

Also available in size Large (9L) .

The clips are sold separately.

The + for the planet

Flextrash is a sustainable and eco-friendly brand:

  • Bins are made from recycled PET bottles.
  • Trash bags are made from candy cane.
  • The cover is 100% recycled.