Baking tray or camping oven - Petromax

Brand Petromax

The Petromax brand baking tray is an accessory designed for the Petromax camping oven which very quickly becomes an essential utensil for cooking with the mini oven.

First of all, it allows you to cook two dishes simultaneously with the Petromax camping oven. You can cook pizza or grilled nachos on the baking tray while your gratin is cooking in the pan (or cookies while your chocolate cake is cooking!).

The baking tray allows lateral air circulation allowing perfect, crispy cooked food, which is great for gratins, crispy rolls or pizzas.

Very simple to use, it is easily placed on the base mold and has an easy and practical grip thanks to the side handles . So you can carry and move it easily.


The baking tray is used with the Petromax camping oven and allows you to cook 2 dishes at the same time and brings crispy cooking to food.
  • Dimensions : (L)40.8cm * (w)31cm x (h)3.6cm
  • Weight : 0.67kg
  • Material : high quality stainless steel.