camping oven

Brand Petromax

Created more than 100 years ago, the German brand Petromax specializes in accessories dedicated to outdoor cooking. Petromax combines tradition , innovation and quality in the materials used.

The Petromax camping oven is representative of the brand: it has been designed for the preparation of dishes in the oven in order to be able to cook all the recipes in the oven, just like at home (gratins, lasagna, cakes, etc.)

Its very ingenious design in 3 parts allows an optimal distribution of the heat , below and above the food. The air circulates thanks to the ventilation openings and rises for the central opening of the mold

Handling this camping oven is very easy thanks to its round shape and stainless steel handles. It is easy to lift the lid to check the cooking of the food and to remove the mold or move the dish thanks to its handles.

Its high quality stainless steel construction makes it very strong, corrosion resistant, hygienic and durable. It is then possible to use it on many heat sources such as the stove or gas hobs , electric hobs and on the embers of a campfire (with a cooking tripod).

The Petromax mini camping oven allows you to prepare delicious meals in the oven, when you don't have an oven, whether camping, campervan, camper van, motorhome or even in a small, poorly equipped kitchen.

The little extra: the cooking plate (sold separately) allowing you to cook 2 dishes at the same time.


The Petromax camping oven contains a lid , a mold with handles , a base and an instruction manual .

  • Dimensions : (L)41cm * (W)31.6cm x (H)14.3cm
  • Weight : 1.64 kg
  • Material : high quality stainless steel.
  • Capacity : 2 liters