Computer sun visor - Blue


Have you ever wanted to use your computer outside but couldn't because you couldn't see anything on your screen?

This Nano Workspace sun visor is the ideal accessory for working outside, in the most beautiful places in the world!

This sun visor allows you to make your screen visible outside , even when the sun could blind you. It creates a small space in the shade and sheltered from the wind to work comfortably.

The upper part of Nano Workspace is very opaque and allows the heat and radiation of the sun to be reflected. Its lower part, translucent , allows you to appreciate the landscape and know what is happening around you.

Very compact , it unfolds in an instant and is very easy to install on the table thanks to its adjustable straps and can be taken anywhere, in your backpack or in your hand.

It is very easy to fold and can be stored in a few steps in its storage pouch.

An accessory that quickly becomes essential when you want to take advantage of nature to work outside, talk in video conferences or watch photos and videos.


The Nano Workspace sun visor is ideal for using your computer outside when the light is too bright.

  • Dimensions (unfolded): (L)69cm*(W)52cm*(H)52cm
  • Dimensions (folded): (d)8cm * (h)55cm