Kitchen multi tool - 12 in 1


The  Gentlemen’s Hardware multi tool contains 12 kitchen utensils together, creating the ultimate kitchen swiss army knife.

With all its utensils, you will be sure to have all kitchen accessories handy.

It is very compact, easy to use and store in a small drawer or nook in your van, motorhome or RV! A very well designed accessory for nomad cooking on the road!


This compact and versatile multi-tool from Gentlemen's Hardware contains the essential utensils for cooking and preparing your on-the-go meals.

  • 12 in 1:
    1. cheese grater,
    2. zester,
    3. garlic press,
    4. peeler,
    5. knife,
    6. fork
    7. spoon,
    8. can opener,
    9. bottle opener,
    10. corkscrew,
    11. serrated knife,
    12. vegetable knife and channel knife.
  • Dimensions folded: (L)17cm
  • Materials: stainless steel and acacia wood.
  • Weight: 410g
Not dishwasher safe.