22kN carabiners (set of 2)


This pair of 22kN carabiners from Tickets To The Moon is robust and makes it easy to set up your hammock during your outdoor adventures or nomadic travels.

The carabiners also allow more security. Indeed, they resist a force of up to 22kN and are suitable for heavy loads . You can therefore relax in your hammock with complete peace of mind!

The opening of the carabiners is very wide , making their use all the more pleasant. 

These robust and powerful carabiners are THE solution to simplify the installation of a hammock wherever you want!

Carabiners are sold in pairs and are not suitable for climbing. 

To attach your hammock even more easily, discover the Moon Straps .


The pair of 22kN carabiners from Tickets To The Moon is robust, it makes it easier and stronger to install a hammock where you want it.

  • Dimensions: (L)8.5cm * (W)5.2cm
  • Weight: 34.4g/piece
  • Load capacity: 2200kg
  • Strength: 22kN
  • Material: A7075
  • Color: Black

Sold in pairs

The + for the planet

Ticket To The Moon is a sustainable and committed brand:

  • Ticket To The Moon Foundation: development aid in Indonesia
  • Reusing fabric scraps to create other products
  • Local materials and innovative recycling