Hurricane Baby Special 276 Lantern - Zinc

Brand Feuerhand

This 276 baby special lantern made by Feuerhand is a traditional vintage hurricane lantern which will accompany you during evenings outdoors, your trips by van or camping car and your nomad voyages.

Made in Germany since 1902, this robust, durable and high quality lantern resists all weather conditions.

The classic wick, protected by Suprax glass, produces a pleasant light with a luminous flame, even during storms or rainy and windy evenings.

The lantern is odorless and soot free.

To store it safely and move it during your travels, we recommend the carrying bag designed for the storm lamp. It is ideal for protecting your hurricane lamp from impacts, moisture and dirt.


The traditional 276 hurricane lanterns are made of galvanized steel and Suprax glass which resists all weather conditions.

  • Dimensions : (l)25.5cm * (h)15.5cm 
  • Weight : 520g
  • Tank capacity: 340 ml
  • Burning time: 20h
  • Energy source : lamp oil
  • Color: Zinc

Available in different colors. Find the whole collection here.

Use only kerosene or  pure lamp oil.


Instructions for use :

- For safety reasons, we recommend emptying the tank when travelling. You can use a glass container to recover the oil and use it again for the next time.

- Keep the paper bag provided with the lantern to store it when travelling. The bag is waxed and absorbs oil residue.