Roll-up dart board


The roll-up dart board from Gentlemen's Hardware is the perfect travel game to take along when going on a road trip in a van, motorhome or RV .

The dart board is compact and reversible. It rolls up very easily so as not to take up space and the darts can be stored in the zippered pocket, very useful to avoid losing them! So you can carry your dartboard anywhere and quickly slip it into your bag.

The dartboard and the darts are magnetic. Once thrown, the darts will magnetize themselves to the target (if you aim well!).

This compact dartboard is perfect for vanlife and will guarantee you plenty of great afternoons and evenings with friends!


This magnetic dart board is reversible and comes with 6 magnetic darts and a storage pouch.

  • Dimensions (unrolled): (l)38cm * (h)43.5cm
  • Dimensions (rolled up) : (l)38cm*(w)9cm*(h)4cm
  • Dimensions (dart): (l)8cm * (w)3cm
  • Weight: 680g
  • Materials: Cloth feel target. Magnetic darts with plastic fins. Water resistant material.
  • Color: Blue and black

The + for the planet

Fully recyclable packaging.