Compressed packing cubes - set of 3


Storage on a road trip is something sacred! Especially when we live in a small space such as a van, campervan or motorhome.

This set of 3 packing cubes with compression closure from the brand Reismonkey is the perfect accessory to keep your things tidy, organized and  your clothes unwrinkled.

Very practical, the storage pouches (or "packing cubes") allow you to store your clothes in a few minutes. Its 180° opening makes it very easy to pack and unpack clothing or other items.

Compression closure also saves space. Indeed, after storing your things in the pouch, it is possible to compress more to make the storage spaces even more compact.

Its pretty illustrations also allow you to recognize your different storage pouches at a glance and therefore to remember what you put in each of them.

Finally, the fabric is water repellent and dirt repellent and will withstand many adventures on the roads.

These storage pouches fit very easily in a suitcase, a backpack or in the cupboards of your van, camper van or motorhome.


The set of 3 storage bags and compression cubes are ideal for storing your belongings when travelling:

  • Dimensions: 3 different sizes:
    • M: (L)30cm*(w)20cm*(h)8cm
    • L: (L)35cm*(w)25cm*(h)8cm
    • XL: (L)40cm*(W)30cm*(H)8cm
  • Weight: 380g
  • Material: Water Repellent Polyester
  • Hand wash