Hatchet - Hatchet Pack


The Gerber Gear Pack Hatchet is a great camping tool for on-the-go adventures. This ax allows precise cutting of wood during outdoor outings, camping and during nomadic trips and will allow you to make a nice campfire. Very good quality , it is also suitable for survival .

Very strong and compact , the ax is constructed from full tang (meaning the blade fits all the way to the end of the handle), making it very powerful and providing excellent balance.

The Gerber Gear ax is also powerful and will allow you to perform various jobs on your camp or your vanlife spot. It cuts wood and can also be used as a hammer.

Its very high quality stainless steel blade allows it to be sharpened and sharpened very easily for even more efficiency. Its raw “Stonewashed” finish hides small scratches and therefore traces of wear.

The handle with a non-slip rubber finish allows pleasant use with good hold and good grip.

Its compact size makes it easily transportable. It can easily be carried in a backpack, around the waist and can be stored easily or in your converted vehicle (van, converted van, motorhome, etc.). A hole at the end of the handle allows you to pass a rope or string for easy hanging.

Finally, this hatchet is supplied with a case that protects the blade as well as its user during transport.


The Pack Hatchet from Gerber Gear allows precise cutting of wood and is very suitable for outdoor outings, camping and survival situations.

  • Ax size: 23cm
  • Blade size: 9cm
  • Head size: 12cm
  • Weight: 570g
  • Materials: stainless steel blade, non-slip rubber handle
  • Color: khaki green and gray
  • Included: nylon sheath for the blade