Omnia oven for gas burner

Brand Omnia

The Omnia nomad oven is the essential accessory for cooking outside on a burner or inside your van, motorhome or RV during your nomad travels.

This portable mini oven, light and compact, is easy to use and allows you to prepare tarts, cakes, meat, gratins, bread and other delicious recipes. The heat is equally dispersed by the central orifice which enables gentle cooking without burning the food.

Practical to use, it requires no installation and is very easy to store.

The Omnia oven can be used with accessories like the grill, the silicone molds, the thermometer, and many other accessories. 

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The Omnia oven consists of 3 parts : a SS340 quality stainless steel base, a mold and a lid of aluminum.

  • Dimensions including the lid : (l)25cm * (w)25cm * (h)14cm
  • Dimensions stacked : (l)25cm * (w)25cm * (h)9cm
  • Weight : about 500g
  • Capacity : 2L
  • Color : Red

Transport case and several recipes included.
Suitable for cooking with gas.