Multipurpose hanger and drying rack - Go Dry

Brand GoDry

The  GoDry multipurpose hanger and drying rack is the ideal accessory for voyages by van or camping car.

You can hang your bath towel, swimsuit or even your wetsuit by attaching the hanger to a clean surface (no more headrests or outside mirrors :) ). You can also use it to hang up your kitchen utensils to keep them handy.

The removable hanger will stick firmly to the outside of your vehicle or on any flat and non-porous surface thanks to its special suction cups. 



The multipurpose hanger and drying rack is compact and easy to install and remove during your stopovers with your van or camping car.

  • Dimensions : (L)52cm * (W)25cm * (H)5cm
  • Weight : 650g

Product content:  2 suction cups, 1 bar, 4 “S” hooks, 1 goDry sticker, instructions for use.