3in1 gas alarm

Brand 3Gas+

Peace of mind and safety are essential when traveling in a van, motorhome or RV. That is why a gas alarm is a key accessory to have in your vehicle.

We have selected the gas alarm 3Gas+ for its technical characteristics, reliability and the quality of the sensor.

This alarm detects 3 gases:

  • LPG (butane and propane gas) during an accidental gas leak.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO).
  • Sleeping gas

Very compact, stylish and discreet, it adapts perfectly to your interior.

The 3Gas+ alarm attaches to the vehicle's 12V electrical system and standby consumption is very low.


  • Light and sound signals
  • Sensor proper operation is checked upon the vehicle ignition.
  • The calibration is tested every 40 seconds
  • Highly sensitive sensor and detects low gas concentrations.
  • Audible alarm for 40 seconds when detecting a high concentration of gas.

*The performance of this product is enhanced with its additional sensor and its dedicated carbon monoxide sensor.


  • Dimensions: (l)5.3cm * (w)5.3cm * (h)3cm
  • Voltage: 12Vdc – 24Vdc
  • Fixed connection to the 12V electrical system
  • Electricity consumption in standby mode: 100 mA
  • Electricity consumption in alarm mode: 180 mA
  • Alarm: 80dB
  • Sensitivity of approximately 95 ppm CEE (LPG + Soporifics)
  • Sensitivity of approximately 176 ppm CEE (CO)
  • Red connection cable = +; Black connection cable = –
  • 89 / 336 EEC, 93 / 68 EEC compliant