Charlotte dish cover


The washable cotton dish cover from the French brand Simple Things allows you to keep your dishes made on the road, while traveling or at home or made in the van by avoiding single-use films.

This Charlotte dish food cover is natural and zero waste allows you to cover your dishes in order to keep your preparations cool, protected from dust and insects without the need to use disposable films.

With its large diameter, it allows you to adapt and cover salad bowls, plates, bowls, saucepans and round jars between 21 and 26cm in diameter.

The washable cap is easy to machine wash up to 60°C . When not in use, the charlotte folds up and stores easily at home or in your converted vehicle.

To keep your delicious dishes cool without producing waste!


There charlotte dish cover  washable cotton from the French brand SimpleThings  allows you to preserve your dishes made on the roads, while traveling or at home or done in van avoiding disposable films.
  • Size: (d)26cm
  • Weight: 28g
  • Material: Oeko-Tex certified cotton
  • Care: machine wash up to 60°C
  • Colour: Cream

The + for the planet

Simple Things is a sustainable and committed brand:

  • Sustainable, compostable and zero waste accessories
  • Natural and environmentally friendly raw materials
  • Handcrafted in France