Vanlife travel diary


This 100% Vanlife travel diary from the Aventura Editions brand and created by passionate travelers is ideal for planning your next trips, listing formalities, planning repairs, writing down good restaurants and places to visit, recount memorable encounters or write down your favorite recipe.

Specifically designed for the needs of a vanlifer, whether you're planning a weekend getaway, an off-the-beaten-path vacation, or a trip around the world, this book is essential.


The Vanlife travel diary has a compact and nomadic format:

  • Dimensions: A5 (w)21cm * (h)14.8cm
  • Number of pages : 140
  • Weight: 360g

The + for the planet

Aventura Editions is a committed and sustainable brand:

  • Paper 100% recycled
  • Designed and printed in France
  • Printing only employs people with disabilities