Camping stick for travel bin - Flextrash

Brand Flextrash

The Camping stick from the Flextrash brand is a telescopic stake for hanging the Flextrash bin outside, whether at a campsite, on a dream spot, on the beach or in your garden.

The stake inserts very easily in the ground (earth, sand, etc.) and once installed, simply attach the Flextrash bin to its appropriate clip.

Its adjustable height (75cm to 90cm high) allows you to hang your bin at the desired height.



The flexible travel bin from Flextrash with the camping stick is ideal for on-the-go travel by car, van, van or motorhome or for camping.

  • Dimensions : (h)75cm to 90cm (variable height)
  • Materials : 100% recycled ABS and ABS
  • Colours : black
  • For Flextrash 3L, 5L and 9L bins.

The + for the planet

Flextrash is a sustainable brand and engaged:

  • Bins are made from recycled PET bottles.
  • Trash bags are made from sugar cane.
  • The cover is 100% recycled.