Italian coffee maker Venus in stainless steel

Brand Bialetti

The Venus Italian coffee maker , also known as a percolator or Mokka pot, from the Italian brand Bialetti , is the traditional coffee machine for preparing good coffee, with an elegant design and new features for even more pleasant use.

Recognized for its durabilty and the quality of materials, Bialetti has created the new “Venus” model by Bialetti. This new Italian coffee maker maintains the traditional and authentic operation of the percolator, while offering a new elegant design and new functions :

  • A new self-cleaning safety valve , patented by Bialetti, makes serving coffee easier and safer.
  • The new anti-drip spout makes it easier to serve coffee so you don't spill a drop.
  • The new stainless steel composition makes it more durable and allows it to be used on all heat sources, including induction burners.

Very easy to use , this percolator with a capacity of 175 ml allows you to prepare 4 cups of espresso and a large coffee to start the day off right.

Its ergonomic and non- slip handle allows a good grip for a more solid hold.

Very robust , the Italian coffee maker will offer you, for many years, delicious coffees on the road, in a van, converted van or motorhome, while camping and also at home!



The Italian coffee maker or Venus percolator from the Bialetti brand will offer you delicious coffee.

  • Dimensions : (d)9.5cm * (h)17cm
  • Weight : 750g
  • Capacity : 175 ml, i.e. 4 cups of espresso
  • Materials : High quality 18/6 stainless steel. Black thermoplastic handle.
  • Polished finish.

Advice for use: the Mokka can only be rinsed with clear water, without detergent, so as not to alter the taste of the coffee.