Foldable barbecue - Mini Flatpack Grill & Firepit

Brand UCO

The Mini Flatpack Grill & Firepit foldable barbecue made by UCO is the ideal portable barbecue for your road trips in a van, RV or motorhome and for your outdoor meals.

Whether on an expedition or an evening on the beach, we often want to warm up around a fire. Used as a barbecue or fire pit, it allows us to light a fire whilst respecting the environment.

Its design, shape and air vents provide good performance and easy lighting while remaining quick and easy to set up.

Its stainless steel  construction guarantees a robust product that will withstand all your adventures.

With its minimal size when folded flat, the UCO portable barbecue Mini Flatpack Grill & Firepit is easy to store.

The Mini Flatpack Grill cooks food for 1-2 people.


  • Withstands winds of 25 km/h
  • Storage pouch included
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Quick to set up

Too small for you? Check out the big brother Flatpack Grill & Firepit made by UCO.


The foldable barbecue is made entirely of stainless steel, including the barbecue grill. The small size allows you to barbecue for 1 or 2 people.

  • Dimensions (unfolded) : (L)24cm*(w)18cm*(h)21cm
  • Dimensions (folded): (L)23cm*(w)18cm*(h)3cm
  • Dimensions (grid): (L)24cm*(W)18cm
  • Weight: 780g

Dishwasher safe.