Natural fire starter - Sweetfire

Brand UCO

The Sweetfire Strikeable Fire Starter (or survival match) from the brand UCO makes it possible to start a campfire with ease and in all conditions.

UCO firelighters / matches are very efficient and powerful. The tip of the starter is weather, wind and water resistant and they will continue to work even after being submerged in water, rain or snow.

The firelighter ignites very quickly and in the same way as a match. Just scrape it against the built-in scraper. It then offers a burn of up to 7 minutes.

Finally, these firelighters are ecological and renewable thanks to their manufacture based on vegetable wax and sugar cane.

An always useful accessory when we go on a road trip and to keep in your van, camper van or motorhome to light campfires and barbecues or to keep for emergency situations.


UCO Brand Fire Starter is a natural fuel for starting a foolproof fire.

  • Dimensions: (L) 6.5cm * (w) 5.2cm * (h) 3.5cm
  • Weight: 52g
  • Materials: Bagasse (fibrous sugarcane residue) and vegetable wax.
  • Burn time: 7 minutes
  • Composition of the box: 8 units and a scraper used to light them.

The + for the planet

UCO is a sustainable and committed brand:

  • 100% natural composition.