Traction mats - Grip System

Brand Fiamma

These traction mats quickly become essential for equipped vehicles when you decide to venture on muddy, snowy and sandy roads or terrain. Indeed, with the weight of the fitted van, van or camper, you can quickly get stuck and no longer be able to leave.

The 2 Fiamma Grip System traction mats are equipped with non-slip ridges for better grip. They are very easily positioned under the drive wheels of your converted vehicle. To have even more traction surface, it is also possible to assemble them lengthwise / one after the other thanks to the hole system at each end.

Its very solid construction and anti-UV treatment will guarantee you optimal use, whether for prevention (when parking the vehicle on your dream spot) or for troubleshooting (once the wheels are stuck).

Very easy to clean, just pass a damp cloth or pass them under water to remove sand, dirt or other.

It is also possible to add them to the Level Up wedges for even more grip.


The Fiamma brand traction mats will allow you to get out of muddy, snowy and sandy terrain independently.

  • Dimensions : (L)74cm*(W)22.5cm
  • Weight : 800g (400g per tray)
  • Material  : polyethylene
  • Color : gray
  • UV resistant.
  • Sold in pairs.