Never heard about them ? 
That’s normal :) 
S'mores are THE American specialty for evenings around the fire!

Aurel grew up in the USA and you can imagine that he didn't wait long before making S'mores on our barbecue.
Now when evenings are getting cooler, we want to give you another reason to stay in front of the fire :) 


What you need:

  • Grahams crackers (tea biscuits or Petit Beurre in France)
  • marshmallows
  • quality chocolate 
  • ... and of course : a good campfire (or a barbecue :) )

How to make them?

  • Stick your marshmallow on a metal or wooden spear or on a twig.  
  • Heat it gently close to the fire to let it get soft and golden.
  • Take a cracker, add a chocolate square, add the grilled marshmallow and put another cracker on top. 
  • That’s all ! Easy, isn’t it ?

Aurel's extra tip :

  • Put your chocolate bar close to the fire to let the chocolate squares get soft. Tastes even better ! 


Send us photos ! :)

and Enjoy!


November 02, 2021 — Ori & Aurel

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