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With Christmas approaching and the last few birthdays before the end of the year, it's not always easy to find the ideal gift for your favorite traveler.

Find our selection of 30 Vanlife gift ideas to give you little ideas for different budgets.

Little practical tip: it is possible to save your favorite accessories in the " Wishlist " (see the little heart at the top of the page on the right and on each product page) and share it with your family/friends who ask you for your list to Santa Claus .

1. Unbreakable stainless steel glass

Compact, elegant and above all unbreakable... The stainless steel wine glasses from the GSI Outdoors brand are ideal for road trips in a van, camper van or converted van. What a pleasure to drink a good glass of wine, in a spot surrounded by nature and with the sunset!

Wine glass_inox_unbreakable_GSI OUTDOORS
  • Brand: GSI Outdoors
  • Price: €16.90
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2. Enameled mugs

Unbreakable, light and pretty, enamel mugs have everything to please the vanlifers that we are. A special favorite for these Gentlemen's Hardware mugs which make us want to go on an adventure straight away!

Enamel mug_blue_yellow_GENTLEMEN'S HARDWARE
  • Brand: Gentlemen's Hardware
  • Price: €14.90

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3. Coffee filter + insulated cup

Easy to use and requiring little washing up, the Classic Pour Over coffee filter and its insulated cup from the Stanley brand will allow you to drink a good coffee in the morning while admiring the sunrise over your superb spot.

Coffee filter_insulated cup_green_STANLEY
  • Brand: Stanley
  • Price: €54.90

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4. Falcon enameled tableware

Sober, elegant and above all endowed with impeccable quality, enameled tableware from the Falcon brand is the essential accessory for your road trips. The entire Falcon range can be used on gas and in the oven with a temperature reaching 270°C.

Enamel mug_white_FALCON
  • Brand: Falcon
  • Price: from 10€

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5. Opinel

Robust, versatile, compact… The famous knives from the Savoyarde Opinel brand are suitable for outdoor activities. Thanks to this tool and its quality materials, your hikes, your DIY projects and your picnics will be well accompanied.

Bottle opener knife corkscrew wood OPINEL
  • Brand: Opinel
  • Price: from €10.60

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6. Stainless steel coffee makers

Compact, light and very robust, the Italian coffee makers and French press coffee makers from the German brand Groenenberg are perfect for going on a road trip (and for good coffee at home). They aim to make the preparation and consumption of coffee more respectful of the environment.

French press coffee maker_inox_GROENENBERG
  • Brand: Groenenberg
  • Price: from €34.90

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7. Insulated bottle

Qwetch brand water bottles are ideal for road trips. With their insulated walls, they will allow you to keep your favorite drink hot or cold.

QWETCH_black_insulated bottle
  • Brand: Qwetch
  • Price: from 22€

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8. Hammock

Compact, lightweight and very durable, Ticket to The Moon brand travel hammocks are made from nylon parachute fabric. They offer you real comfort during your nomadic travels. The different sizes also allow you to share it with your favorite vanlifer. In addition, they come in several colors to suit all tastes.

Hamac_original_orange_TICKET TO THE MOON
  • Brand: Ticket to The Moon
  • Price: from €44.90

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9. Hot water bottle

Very solid, easy to fill and secure, the hot water bottles from the Finnish brand Lapuan Kankurit are the perfect gift as the winter evenings approach. They are ideal for your trips in a van, camper van or van converted just like at home. Thanks to 100% virgin wool, the hot water bottles offer you softness and comfort for cozy and warm evenings.

Hot water bottle_pastel_LAPUAN KANKURIT
  • Brand: Lapuan Kankurit
  • Price: from €37.90

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10. Voited Cover

An ultra-versatile blanket. This is what the American brand Voited has created. A 4-in-1 blanket that can also act as a windbreaker, raincoat, pillow and also a duvet to spend a night without fearing the cold.

  • Brand: Voited
  • Price: from 85€

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11. Petromax Blanket

The virgin wool blanket from the Petromax brand was designed for road trips. Both soft and hydrophobic, it is also spark-resistant (ideal for evenings around a campfire). Thanks to its straps and its thickness, you can take it with you on all your adventures.

  • Brand: Petromax
  • Price: €179.90

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12. Poncho

Very light, very compact but also very easy to transport, the microfiber poncho from the French brand Minimiz is the ideal accessory when traveling in a van, camper van or camper van. Very soft, it also absorbs water very well and dries quickly. Ideal for drying off or undressing discreetly at the beach, at the pool, or after a shower. Available in several colors and also in several sizes to suit the whole family.

  • Brand: Minimiz
  • Price: from 44€

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13. Travel pillow

Comfortable, practical and pretty, the Petits Cadors brand travel pillows are designed for road trips. Thanks to its ergonomic shape but also to its ingenious fixing system at the headrest, it will comfortably support your head for dreams filled with Vanlife. Also available in several colors.

Nomad cushion_car_grey_PETITS CADORS
  • Brand: Petits Cadors
  • Price: €44

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14. Compact Travel Chair

Ultra light, compact and very easy to install, Helinox chairs offer real comfort. With their aluminum alloy reinforcements, they offer you a guarantee of solidity. Chairs are the perfect outdoor furniture for your evenings watching the sunset or for your meals seated at your spot. Thanks to their very compact storage pouches, they adapt to all your outdoor activities and are easily transportable. They exist in several colors and also in several sizes to perfectly suit your needs.

Helinox chair_black_Sunset_HELINOX
  • Brand: Helinox
  • Price: from €109.90

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15. Books

A selection of books to help you choose your next road trip or simply to make you dream with the winter season approaching. It's the perfect gift to find inspiration, read 100% Vanlife tips and tricks and think about your next trip.

Book_road trip_France_WINDOWS ON THE WORLD
  • Bookstores and accessories collection
  • Price: from €18.90

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16. Travel diary

Travel journals allow you to keep all your memories and your strongest moments during your road trips. It's the ideal gift for any traveler or vanlifer who wants to be sure not to forget anything.

  • Travel notebook collection
  • Price: from €14.90

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17. Brooch

If you want to add a little personal touch to your clothes, bags, caps and other accessories, the Roadtyping brand brooch is the ideal accessory. Thanks to its pin closure and secure clasp, you will be sure not to lose it when you take it with you on your next adventures.

Broche_Bulli VW_orange_ROADTYPING
  • Brand: Roadtyping
  • Price: €9.90

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18. Leatherman

Leatherman multifunction tools are designed with high quality materials, designed to last over time and to withstand all nomadic adventures. Very easy to use, they include many tools that can be useful at any time of the day. The little extra: they are guaranteed for 25 years!

  • Brand: Leatherman
  • Price: from €88.90

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19. Storm lamp

The historic German brand Feuerhand is known worldwide with its Baby Special 276 oil storm lamps. They are ideal for offering you a cozy atmosphere with the intensity adjustment or for livening up an evening with family or friends. They are available in several colors and also LED. Also find all the accessories that can accompany your lamp on our site.

  • Brand: Feuerhand
  • Price: from €32.90

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20. Darts game

Compact and reversible, the magnetic dart game from Gentlemen's Hardware is the ideal accessory to liven up your evenings. Thanks to its carrying pouch, it will take up very little space in your van, converted van or camper van.

Will you be able to hit the bull’s eye?

Dartboard_black_blue_GENTLEMEN'S HARDWARE
  • Brand: Gentlemen's Hardware
  • Price: €34.90

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21. Light garland

What would a cozy evening be without mood lighting? The Camplight garland from Sunnyside has been designed for your outdoor evenings, under the stars. Its length of 10 meters allows you to position it wherever you want. It has a light dimmer that allows you to adjust the intensity of the light according to the desired atmosphere. Thanks to its low consumption and good sealing, it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Light garland_10m_USB_THE SUNNYSIDE
  • Brand: The Sunnyside
  • Price: €24.90

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22. Solar panel

Robust, light and ultra-thin, the Sunmoove 6.5W solar panel from the Solar Brother brand allows you to recharge your electronic devices using the sun during your nomadic trips or outdoor outings. Equipped with carabiners, it can easily attach to your backpack, your bike or other accessory. Compact, you can fold it on itself and you can easily slip it into your bag once it is finished using it. It also exists in a 16W version.

Solar panel_black_yellow_SOLAR BROTHER
  • Brand: Solar Brother
  • Price: from €99.90

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23. Foldable barbecue

Light, compact and quick to install, the UCO brand Flatpack Grill & Firepit folding barbecue has been designed for your nomadic travels. Its 2in1 use allows you to use it as a brazier or as a barbecue (marshmallows or grilled sausages?) Once folded, it takes up as much space as a mini laptop. Its stainless steel construction guarantees impeccable quality for your adventures. Available in small or large format.

Foldable barbecue_stainless steel_UCO
  • Brand: UCO
  • Price: from €47.90

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24. Oven Omnia

The Omnia brand camping oven is the essential road trip accessory. It will allow you to concoct delicious meals on your gas stove during your nomadic travels. Easy to use and taking up little space, it is ideal for vans, converted vans, motorhomes or when camping. Also find all its accessories on our site.

Omnia oven_red_OMNIA
  • Brand: Omnia
  • Price: from €44.80

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25. Raclette with candle

With winter approaching, gourmet recipes will also make a comeback. The Cookut candle raclette set for 2 people is the ideal accessory for a raclette evening. Very easy to use, it consumes zero energy apart from that of tea lights. Its design gives it a charm that will only please you.

  • Brand: Cookut
  • Price: €32.90

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26. Rodol’f Le Rouleau

The French brand Rodol'f le moulin offers you a portable roller with more than 10 essential kitchen accessories for preparing your meals. It is compact, practical and has good quality accessories. It's the ideal companion for cooking during your road trips.

Multifunction_kitchen_tool_RODOL'F LE ROULEAU
  • Brand: Rodol'f le roller
  • Price: from €69.90

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27. Filter bottle

Ideal for all outdoor activities, hikes and road trips, Lifestraw brand filter bottles are globally recognized for their water filters that transform contaminated water into clean, safe and drinkable water. Thanks to this innovation, you will now be able to calmly drink water from a lake, a river or even a puddle without fear of bacteria.

Filtering bottle_inox_blue_LIFESTRAW
  • Brand: Lifestraw
  • Price: from €44.90

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28. Kitchen tool

The 12-in-1 kitchen multi-tool from Gentlemen's Hardware is the ideal accessory for the on-the-go kitchen. Very compact and used like a Swiss army knife, it will find its place in your kitchen drawer of your van, converted van or camper van. It is a very practical accessory for cooking in small spaces.

Multifunction_kitchen_tool_GENTLEMEN'S HARDWARE
  • Brand: Gentlemen's Hardware
  • Price: €37.90

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29. Brazier

Foldable, compact, easy to use and install, the Gentlemen's Hardware brand brazier is the perfect equipment to warm up your evenings. Its stainless steel structure and mesh net provide unrivaled strength for long-lasting use. Marshmallow evenings in the great outdoors are yours, accompanied by your van, converted van or camper van.

Foldable brazier_stainless steel_GENTLEMEN'S HARDWARE
  • Brand: Gentlemen's Hardware
  • Price: €39.90

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30. Scrubba Bag

The Scrubba brand washing bag is the practical, simple and quick solution for washing your laundry during nomadic trips and road trips in a van, camper van or camper van. No more waiting for a laundromat to wash your clothes during your road trips, the Scrubba washing bag will be just as effective!

Wash bag_green_SCRUBBA
  • Brand: Scrubba
  • Price: from €50.90

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31. GoDry

The GoDry brand drying bar with suction cups is the essential accessory for your road trips. It can support up to two well-soaked surf suits thanks to its high-performance suction cups. Compact, the multifunction drying bar detaches into three parts to take up as little space as possible once it is finished using it. No more towels drying on the mirrors!

Clothes rack_black_GODRY
  • Brand: GoDry
  • Price: €44.90

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October 23, 2023 — Marie Armingol

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