The 11 Vanlife events to discover in 2022


After 2 rather quiet years with Mrs. Covid, the gatherings and festivals are back for our greatest pleasure! And it looks like the year 2022 inspired a movement of Vanlife with many events dedicated to vans, converted vans  and other means of transport for traveling in complete freedom !


We have grouped you below the 11 events around the themes of Vanlife, nomadic journeys , road trips and everything outdoor which will take place in France, more or less close to home (those who live on the west coast are the luckiest!).

Let's discover them together!


1. Longing for somewhere else

Festival Vanlife - Envie d'ailleurs - Blog Casambu

A festival dedicated to Slow Travel and ecological and sustainable travel, whether on foot, by bike, by van or other ways of travelling. On the program: conferences, films, workshops and stands, all around the travel community.

A Vanlife Village will also be present. You will be able to meet other vanlifers including Kim, our ambassador, who will be present with her van :)


Location: Cannes
Dates: April 1-2-3, 2022

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2. Adventure Vehicle Lounge - Original

Salon Véhicules Aventure - Original - Nantes

This outdoor show aims to promote expedition vehicles or vehicles fitted and prepared for long journeys such as round the world trips. You will find many connoisseurs with rugged vehicles who come to share their experiences and expertise.


Location: Nantes
Dates: 15-16-17 April 2022

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3. Campervan Weekend


Campervan Weekend - Brissac - Evènement Vanlife - Blog Casambu


The Camper Van Week-End is the event dedicated to vanlife, to vans, campervans and other mobile options for going on road trips and traveling in complete freedom. You will discover many vanlife exhibitors, the Vanlife Village to meet travellers, concerts and films and… the Casambu team in full: Ori and Aurel:D

We hope to meet you during this festival!


Location: Brissac / Angers
Dates: April 29-30 and May 1, 2022

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4. Adventure Fair
Salon de l'aventure - Festival et évènement Vanlife - Blog Casambu


This Adventure Fair brings together... all the adventures! Whether on foot, by bike, by kayak, by boat or in a van and converted van, this event will highlight the different ways to go on an adventure, with conferences and workshops to discuss, think about it and who knows… embark on the adventure!


Location: Arcachon Bay
Date: 14-15 May 2022

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Vanlifest - Festival et évènement Vanlife - Blog Casambu

A festival dedicated to the fitting out of vans and vans: for those who have already embarked on this great project and for those who wish, one day, to fit out their vehicle

More than 250 passionate travellers gather during this festival, with on the program numerous conferences on interior design, a nomadic market and a 100% vanlife flea market. Will you be there? We will! :D


Location: Cape Breton
Date: May 20-21-22, 2022

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6. Adventure Vehicle Show - Travel

Salon Véhicule Aventure - évènement Vanlife Camping-car - Blog Casambu


The purpose of this open-air show is to promote travel vehicles for short getaways, in France for a weekend or in Europe for holidays. The converted vehicles presented will mainly be vans, vans, trucks, buses, etc.


Location: Auvergne
Date: 24-25-26 June 2022

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7. Fromentine Vintage Cup
Fromentine Vintage Fun Cup - Evènement Vanlife - Blog Casambu


A gathering of VW vans and combis around nautical sports: this is what the Fromentine Vintage Cup offers.

On the program: a vintage surf camp, more than 250 VW Buses, a vintage flea market and many activities.


Location : Vendée
Date : 6-7 August 2022

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8. RDV - The Gathering of Travelers!

Roadofsmiles_Evenement vanlife

Léa and Tom from @Roadofsmiles love traveling by van. Last year, they wanted to organize a RDV (Rassemblement Des Voyageurs). This year, here we go again! They are organizing the second edition which promises to be spectacular!

On the program: fun & good moments together meetings and... a nomadic market with a beautiful Casavmbu stand and that of Au Fil d'une Création of our ambassadors Céline and Virginie from the @Deux_Vanloveuses.

We can't wait to be there!


Location : Sille-le-Guillaume (72)

Date : September 9-11, 2022

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9. Adventure Vehicle Lounge - Provence
Salon véhicule d'aventure - Provence - Evènement Vanlife - Blog Casambu


The Adventure Vehicles Show is organizing the first show in Provence dedicated to leisure vehicles, outdoors activities and nomadic trips.

Unlike other Adventure Vehicles shows which are focused on Off-Road vehicles and expedition vehicles, this edition is more geared towards vans, camper vans and motorhomes with the many options of accessories and other items of equipment. A first in the region!

And good news...We will be present with our Casambu rolling e-shop! :D


Location : Montélimar
Date : September 16-17-18, 2022

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10 Leisure Vehicle Show

Salon Véhicule de Loisirs - évènement camping-car vanlife - blog Casambu

An event that has become a must for those who love traveling in vans or motorhomes. The Leisure Vehicles Showwelcomes more than 80,000 visitors every year in 4 huge halls of 150,000 m² and has more than 150 stands!

We are going for a little tour on Tuesday, September 24, as visitors. If you're around, let us know!


Location : Le Bourget / Paris
Date : September 24 to October 2, 2022

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11. Campervan Weekend

Campervan Weekend - Chantilly - Festival Vanlife - Blog Casambu


After the "spring" session, the Camper Van Week-End is back, this time in Chantilly!

An event dedicated to vanlife, to vans, camper vans and other mobile options for going on road trips and traveling in complete freedom. You will discover many exhibitors there, the Village Vanlife to meet travellers, concerts and films, and ... surely with a great sun, as for all past editions.

We will of course be present with our Casambu mobile e-shop. Bringing your favorite accessories!


Location : Chantilly / Paris
Date : October 14-15-16, 2022

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Do you have other events dedicated to vanlife, road trips and nomadic travel? Feel free to share them with us below.




March 31, 2022 — Ori & Aurel
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