Gas stove - Kinjia

Brand Primus

The Kinjia gas stove from the Primus brand is designed for cooking outdoors on your road trips and nomadic journeys.

Made with materials that are strong and durable, it is also easily transportable and safe thanks to its wood-covered handle and locking system, you can take it anywhere with you!

Ideal for small spaces, it is smaller and more compact than most two-person stoves lights and it is used with small cartridges (Msr, Jetboil, etc.) which are connected directly to the supply pipe and which do not take up space in your van , converted van or motorhome.

The Kinjia stove is equipped with 2 large burners with its intensity adjustable, which allow you to properly manage the cooking of your food and prepare good meals for the whole team.

Very easy to clean, the 2 burners are placed on a removable stainless steel plate. Very handy for removing grease and dirt.



The Primus Kinjia stove with its 2 large burners is compact, solid and easily transportable.

  • Materials: Steel, wood, stainless steel, aluminum
  • Dimensions: (L)47.5cm * (w)29.5cm * (h)7.8cm
  • Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Capacity : 2* 3000W
  • Cartridge: EN417 screw cartridge (100g, 230g and 450g)
  • Fuels: butane / propane
  • Carrying handle

Cartridges sold separately.