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Casambu accompanies you on all your van road trips to help you fully enjoy the experience of nomadic life whether in a van, a converted van, camping or bivouac. The accessories we choose are efficient, practical, durable... and pretty!

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Radio Mont Blanc

What's your thing?

“Oriana and Aurélien are the founders of Casambu, partner for World Raclette Day. 🧀 They came to present their website to us, where you will find lots of tips and products for all your van life plans, as well as hundreds of acclaimed products, perfect for gift ideas!”


(On 13.12.2022)

IESEG - School of management

Casambu, travel with the essentials

Casambu gives you the opportunity to adequately equip yourself for such a journey thanks to its online store of sustainable and mostly eco-responsible products. In 2011, we met the founder of this online store, Oriana Peel, an IÉSEG Grande Ecole Program graduate.”


(On 20.10.2022)

Spot on Travel

10 essential accessories for traveling by van

“Improvisation and preparation come together to create great memories on the road. However, when taking a trip by van or motorhome, you'll experience a different adventure than a 5-star hotel, because this time, you'll sleep watching the stars in the sky."


(On 14.06.2022)

Van Magazine

3 questions to Oriana and Aurélien, founders of Casambu.com

“We were looking for (vanlife accessories) on the Internet, in shops, supermarkets, we took information from blogs and forums. It was tedious and it took us a lot of time. And we thought, “Why not put it all together in one place? »”

(On 13.05.2022)

Vanlife Magazine

Casambu to discover

“Travellers and van enthusiasts, Ori and Aurel founded Casambu.com, an e-shop created to be a “lifestyle dedicated to vanlife, road trips and nomadic travel”, wherein they offer “a selection of brands and practical products, durable, of quality (... and pretty).”

(April 2022)

Travel Van

Meet the founders : Ori, Aurel (and Léonie)

“Ori (Oriana) and Aurel (Aurélien) have used their experience as vanlifers to carry out a project that is likely to make people happy: an online store for van and converted van enthusiasts. Let's get to know this couple of motivated entrepreneurs better.”

(April 2022)

Combi Magazine

Shop Vanlife

“Ori and Aurel (& baby Léonie) are a family passionate about van road trips. They are also the founders of Casambu, the first e-shop dedicated to road trips, nomadic trips and Van life.”

(March 2022)

Van Magazine

A new online store dedicated to vanlife

“All items sold on Casambu have been tested by Oriana and Aurélien Thompson or recommended by other travellers. A 100% guarantee of quality.”

(February 2022)

VanTrip Magazine

Vanlife essentials in one click

“More than 140 accessories make up the catalog of the web platform. They have everything you'll need to equip your converted vehicle from A to Z! And as a bonus, Casambu donates 1% of its revenue to the 1% For the Planet association.”

(January 2022)

The Roadtrippers

Ori & Aurel, entrepreneurs and vanlifers traveling with their 3-month-old daughter


"By the way, where does the name “Casambu” come from? We discovered the first Danish motorhome built in the 19th century: a wooden cabin on a truck frame !  Its owners, a couple of Danish artists, traveled Spain and Portugal aboard this motorhome and named it "Casambu", from Casa Ambulante (walking house in Spanish). We loved it (and you know the rest!)"


(On 21.12.2021)

Van the site

Christmas gifts, the Casambu.com vanlife selection

“There is no shortage of ideas for spoiling lovers of life in a van or motorhome and helping equip them to the best of their ability. Casambu.com , an online store specializing in vanlife, offers you a selection of 10 accessories guaranteed to be smart, useful and adapted to their lifestyle, to all budgets.”

(On 29.11.2021)

Van the site

Casambu.com, the new vanlife store

“Very recent and completely independent of the major central purchasing sites, the Casambu.com e-shop stands out as much as the enthusiasm of its two creators, there you will find a thoughtful selection of items and accessories . .”

(On 25.10.2021)

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Ori and Aurel, founders of Casambu