Kim, it's a crush discovered on Instagram.

She immediately made us dream with her big smile, her joie de vivre and her taste for new adventures! So when she sent us pictures of her road trip in Portugal and her surf sessions, we had only one wish: to take our van towards the waves and eat pasteis de nata!

Let's make way for introductions!

Nomad at heart and explorer at heart, I've been traveling since I was young.

Life on the roads began in Asia and the United States, then with a 1971 VW bus to drive around Europe. Now it's Buddy, my Opel Vivaro, who has become my adventure companion and allows me to go surfing, running, hiking and just enjoying life.
As an "outdoor" sports enthusiast, I feel good in nature or in the water.
Often out and about, I hit the road whenever I can to discover new spots.
Each road, each bend, each getaway always has great discoveries in store for me and I have become completely addicted to this desire for new experiences!
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Article: Portugal in a Van

March 18, 2022 — Ori & Aurel