It’s Black Friday again, this “special day” straight from the USA ! 
As for us, we want to remain faithful to our commitments so we have decided to celebrate Blue Friday instead. Blue is the colour of the 1% For the Planet movement we are part of so that we can protect our planet which we love to explore ! 
That’s why, on this special day, we want to present some of our sustainable and eco-friendly brands which can help us to be more responsible consumers !

Let's protect our planet together !
Casambu - 1% For The Planet

We are members of the 1% For The Planet movement and we give 1% of our turnover to associations supporting the environment. And you are helping us !
Thank you for your orders :) 

Do you want to know more about 1% For The Planet?

Let’s become better consumers together !
Casambu_Hamac ENO
“Good equipment is made to last”

That’s why we select durable and high quality accessories by working with eco-friendly brands.  
May we present some of them ? 

Casambu - Black + Blum
Black + Blum is a responsible brand which only uses ecological material : no plastic, no BPA. The brand is a member of the association "1% for the planet" and is certified “carbon neutral”.  

Casambu - Carnet de voyage Aventura Editions

Aventura Editions is a publisher with a durable approach for the manufacturing of its travelogues. All are made in France from recycled paper. The company also works with a firm which employs disabled persons.

Casambu - Sloe

Sloe, is is a young French brand which proposes solid, 100% natural and biological cosmetic care products. It is highly committed to the zero waste transition and also proposes reusable containers without plastic.

To discover all our durable and eco-friendly brands and accessories, it's here!

PS : you can also find all the commitments of our brands in our e-shop by clicking on “The + for the planet” in the description of each product :).
November 26, 2021 — Ori & Aurel

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