Accessories to optimize space.
When we live in less than 10m2, every space is precious and it is better to be minimalist to manage to take everything we need without overloading the cupboards.
So we tend to look for practical, versatile and above all...compact accessories!
Here we share with you our selection of 12 compact accessories which have been designed for small spaces such as a van or camper van and which are 100% suitable for vanlife and road trips!

1. The inflatable luminous tube

The light tube provides ideal lighting for diffuse lighting. It attaches very easily thanks to its magnetic attachment system or its carabiner.
It inflates and deflates very quickly and once deflated, the light tube becomes very compact and fits in a small corner of your van, campervan or motorhome without taking up space.

Tube lumineux gonflable - Lampe compacte - Klymit - Vanlife et camping
  • Brand: Klymit
  • Price: €39.90
  • Folded dimensions: (L)10cm * (w)8cm *(h)8cm

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2. Rodolf the Roller - 15 in 1

Rodol’f the roll is the Swiss army knife for the kitchen. In a roll, it includes 17 essential kitchen utensils for the preparation of your meals.

Gold medalist at the Lépine competition in 2017, it now accompanies many travelers thanks to its compact size and the quality of the utensils.

Rodol'f Le Rouleau - Ustensiles cuisine - Vanlife et Camping

  • Brand: Rodol'f
  • Price: €73
  • Dimensions: (L)34cm * (d)8.2cm

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3. Compact chairs and tables

Helinox chairs, armchairs and tables are like the "Rolls-Royce" of outdoor furniture. In addition to being extremely compact, light and easy to install, nomadic chairs and armchairs are really very comfortable. It feels like home.

The storage covers allow you to store them quickly and slide them into the small space you have dedicated to them in your camper van.

Helinox mobilier compact

  • Brand: Helinox
  • Price: from €99.90

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4. Cookware

Pans and saucepans can take up a lot of space in the van or camper van cupboard and yet... they are essential for cooking good meals! It is therefore preferable to choose compact ones.

Primus cookware has been designed for on-the-go meals and small spaces: the handles can be removed, the lids can be used as a colander and the containers can be stacked on top of each other others. Finally, the entire battery can be stored in an included storage bag.

Who says it better?

Batterie de cuisine compacte - Inox - Primus

  • Brand: Primus
  • Price: €84.90
  • Dimensions rows : (d)22cm*(h)13m
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5. Mixing Bowls

When we cook, we often need bowls, salad bowls and a colander. These accessories also take up a lot of space.So why not get a set with bowls that stack inside each other

This is what the enamel preparation set from the famous Falcon brand offers with its 5 bowls of different sizes and a colander.

In addition to being very resistant, light and easy to clean, it also saves us a lot of space!

Set de préparation cuisine compact - Vanlife - Email
  • Brand: Falcon
  • Price: €99
  • Dimensions stowed : (d)27cm*(h)11m
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6. The foldable barbecue

The nomadic barbecue is ideal for your road trips in a van or motorhome and for your meals on the go. Versatile, you can use it as a barbecue and also as a portable fireplace to make a campfire without leaving a trace. #LeaveNoTrace.

And when used, it folds flat and slips into its storage pouch. A compact (and useful!) accessory just the way we like them.

Barbecue nomade pliable - UCO
  • Brand: UCO
  • Price: €51.90
  • Dimensions folded: (L)34cm * (w)25.4cm * (h) 3cm

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7. The flexible jerrycan

Keeping water fresh and drinkable on a road trip is essential. We often use a Jerrican, which also takes up space with its bulky format.

The flexible water tank is very strong and compressible. Its format adapts according to the amount of water and when not in use, it rolls up or folds up to store away without taking up space.

Very solid, it stands on its own and stable and hangs effortlessly thanks to its reinforced handle.

Hydrapak - Jerrycan camping souple

  • Brand: Hydrapak
  • Price: €59.90
  • Dimensions: (L)38cm * (w)20cm * (h)1.1cm

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8. The compact double hammock

A hammock to swing alone or in pairs and enjoy the view during a well-deserved break.

The ENO hammock is very resistant, soft to the touch and dries very quickly. When not in use, it compresses to the size of an orange and stores in its built-in compression bag. You can then use the bag for your personal belongings when it is unfolded.

Does it also make you want to lay down comfortably?

Hamac compact léger - ENO - Vanlife et camping
  • Brand: ENO
  • Price: from €79.90
  • Bag dimensions: (w)9cm * (h)14cm

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9. Microfiber Towels

A large towel can also take up space, especially if it takes a long time to dry in your van or campervan.

Vinga of Sweden's microfiber towel is light, compact, efficient. It can absorb more water and dry three times faster than a traditional towel. When dry and not in use, it can be stored in its integrated pocket. Very practical in small spaces!

The + for the planet: It is made using 3 recycled PET bottles and is OEKO-TEX 100 certified.

Serviette microfibre - Vinga Sweden - Vanlife et camping

    • Brand: Vinga Sweden
    • Price: €27.90
    • Dimensions Folded : (L)24cm*(W)29cm* (h)4m
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10 The picnic blanket

This picnic blanket is surely the most compact accessory we have discovered.

Unfolded, it can accommodate 2 people lying down. Once folded, it stores in its integrated pocket having the size of a wallet. Ultra compact, it can be taken everywhere!

Couverture sol picnic - Matador - Vanlife et camping
  • Brand: Matador
  • Price: €45.90
  • Folded dimensions: (L)7.6cm * (w)11.4cm * (h)4cm

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11. The flexible and foldable bedpan

Ideal for doing the dishes, laundry, washing or rinsing the feet of our little backpackers after nomadic adventures.

The flexible and waterproof basin of Sea To Summit is very compact. It folds up easily in its ventilated storage cover for good ventilation.

Very solid, it resists over time and knows how to make itself very small when we don't need it.

Bassine eau souple - Sea To Summit - Vanlife Camping

  • Brand: Sea To Summit
  • Price: €25.90
  • Folded dimensions: (d)13.4cm * (h)4cm
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12. The expandable garden hose

It is one of the essentials when we travel with our van.

With its extendable hose, the Yoyo hose extends to 20 meters in length and retracts after use. It is therefore very compact and will not take up space in the vehicle.

Tuyau arrosage extensible compact vanlife camping

  • Brand: Fitt
  • Price: €39.90
  • Bag dimensions: (d)19cm * (h)9cm

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Do you also have other essential and compact accessories to recommend?

What if you want to read our tips and tricks to optimize space in your vehicle and keep a tidy van? It's over here!

February 27, 2022 — Ori & Aurel

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