Four Petromax pack and its accessories

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Brand Petromax

The Petromax Oven package includes the new Petromax camping oven as well as an additional cooking burner and transport bag.

The Petromax camping oven can be used on all types of fire (excluding induction hobs) and does not require any particular installation. It allows you to prepare all your oven recipes during your nomadic trips, road trips and camping: cakes, gratins, quiches, etc.

With a diameter of 41 centimeters, the Petromax portable oven allows you to prepare large quantities and its side and top handles also make it very sturdy.

Its smart design allows gentle cooking, without overcooking food due to its central hole which allows the heat to spread evenly.

This Petromax Pack includes:

  • the Petromax nomadic oven
  • the hob , to prepare two dishes at the same time. The burner allows lateral air circulation to cook all of your preparations evenly.
  • the padded and zipped transport bag that protects the Petromax oven during transport

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Discover the Petromax oven as well as the hob and the carrying bag that are all included in the Petromax Pack.

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The Petromax oven can be used on all types of fire (stoves, gas stove, electric hobs) except on induction hobs. It is placed on a stove or in the center of a hob.