Casambu? A marvelous story...
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Casambu - Notre aventure

Casambu, who's that?

It's us: Ori and Aurel , a happy French-American couple of travelers and vanlifers. 

Ori, French, loves natures and discovering new places.

Aurel, American, eager for new adventures and always looking for the latest equipment to use along the way.

After many years of van travel, we decided to leave for for 4 months in Scandinavia in our campervan, together with our 3 month old daughter. A wonderful experience! When we got back we quit our jobs of over 10 years in marketing and finance to follow our dream and create something in line with our values.

Together, we decided to jump into the big adventure that is starting a company. 

Our offices are in France, in the Haute Savoie region, right next to our campervan :). Drop in to say hello if you're in the neighborhood. 


Casambu, why?

  We realized during our travels how important it is to have the right equipment whilst remaining minimalist. And we wanted to share our experiences with other travelers.

With Casambu, we aim to provide nomad voyagers and vanlifers with the equipment they need for road trips and adevntures in their campervan, RV or motorhome, for both their stays inside their home on wheels and their activities outside.


Casambu, what's that?

An e-shop committed  to vanlife which offers high quality, practical and durable nomad accessories.


Casambu, for whom?

For you ! For all nomad voyagers looking for the ideal accessory for road trips and travels by campervan, RV, motorhome or even on foot !


And "Casambu", where does the name come from?

A Danish artist couple “invented” the camping car in Denmark: a wooden house built on the frame of an old truck. And they named their mobile home  ‘Casambu’ (Casa Ambulante), meaning moving home, because they traveled in it through Spain and Portugal.

We discovered this camping car by chance during our road trip in Scandinavia. It was a good omen : was born !

And that's the start of our adventure... are you coming with us ? :)

Casambu_Notre histoire