Squeeze flexible filter bottle - 65cl

Brand Lifestraw

During our road trips, we sometimes run out of drinking water and do not trust the water source in front of us 100%.

The Lifestraw® Flex water bottle from the Lifestraw brand is a flexible water bottle with an integrated filter for drinking drinking water.

Its flexible format saves a lot of space in your bag when not in use. It also allows us to fill other bottles or containers by compressing the bottle to squeeze out the water.

Extremely solid , it is very resistant with a guaranteed seal.

It contains 2-stage filtration including a microfilter membrane and a replaceable activated carbon capsule and can filter up to 2000 liters of water.

The filter filters out 99.9% of bacteria and parasites that can contaminate water and effectively reduces infectious diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery and giardiasis. Its activated carbon capsule prevents bad odors and does not leave an aftertaste in the water.

The Lifestraw® Flex water bottle filters water via user-generated suction and therefore does not require batteries, batteries or electrical current and chemicals. You will be able to fill the bottle in a stream, a river or a fountain and suck the water through the tip, which will be purified by the straw.

In addition, compact and light thanks to its 65cl format, this flexible bottle can be easily stored in a bag. The perfect companion for road trips, hikes, trail running, running, etc.


The Lifestraw brand Squeeze flexible filter bottle is the ideal accessory for drinking drinking water on all your travels and adventures.

  • Unfolded dimensions : (d)10.4cm * (h)25.4cm
  • Weight : 105g
  • Capacity : 65 cl
  • Materials : guaranteed BPA-free
  • Color : blue

Filter pores clog over time and multiple uses. It will thus be necessary to replace the filter when the water passes more.