Our 15 favorite vanlife accessories

There are certain accessories that really make our van feel like home. Over the course of our road trips around the world, these vanlife accessories have become essential for us and we don't go on the roads without them!

These accessories we've chosen are our favorites, we chose them with a lot of love and they give it back to us.

And of course, we want you to benefit from it! So that these accessories continue to spread their magic and make your nomadic journeys incredible and give you unforgettable moments !

Here are our favorites! :)
1. Foldable barbecue

Impossible for us to do without delicious barbecues when we are on the road (perhaps it is the American side of Aurel that influences us?).

Folded in its cover , the barbecue fits perfectly in our van and we take it out as soon as a craving for grilled meat or vegetables comes over us.

UCO Folding Barbecue - Grilled Meat Preparation




2. Ticket To The Moon Hammock

Taking the time to relax and enjoy the outdoors in a hammock is definitely one of our favorite moments on road trips! Parachute hammocks are perfect for taking on the road: super light, compact and sturdy.

Relax in a Ticket To The Moon hammock with a view of a lake


  • Brand: Ticket To The Moon
  • Price: From €44.90
  • Learn more



3. Fairy lights

For cozy lighting during our nomadic evenings. The light of this garland is very warm and it is quite powerful, it is more than enough to light up our nomadic evenings!

Warm light from a garland around a converted vehicle




4. Oven Omnia

Obviously, the Omnia oven, you can't live without it! To cook dishes like at home and to vary the pleasures during our road trips: cakes, quiches, gratins, meats, grilled vegetables and many others… We are already thinking of what to cook in this on our next road trip!

Cooking in a van like at home thanks to the Omnia oven


  • Brand: Omnia
  • Price: oven at €45.90, accessories from €12.90
  • Learn more



5. GoDry suction cup drying rack

The essential accessory for drying our towels but also surfing suits and any other wet laundry when we are on the road. We assure you, when it comes to drying , this suction cup dryer is much more efficient than the rear view mirror of a van, a campervan or motorhome. ;)

Towels drying on a suction cup rack attached to the body of a van




6. Enamel Mug

Unbreakable, light and pretty... Enamel tableware has everything to please the vanlifers that we are. A special crush on these Gentlemen's Hardware cups that make us want to go on an adventure right away!

Enamel mugs and hot coffee


  • Brand: Gentlemen's Hardware
  • Price: €14.90
  • Learn more



7. Stainless steel kettle

We fell in love with the unique design of this stainless steel kettle which allows us to heat water for tea, for coffee, for our meals and to disinfect non-potable water. It is super resistant and we use it on our plates, on our stove and even on a campfire.

Fire Maple stainless steel kettle over a campfire




8. Coffee filter

For us, morning coffee is almost sacred! On the road, we prepare our coffee with this super practical coffee filter machine : we put it over a cup, we add the coffee and pour hot water over it. No need for a disposable filter and it is very easy to clean!

Preparing a cup of coffee on a beach with the Stanley filter




9. Storm lamp

This outdoor oil lamp has been manufactured for 120 years! We love its cult design and its warm flame. The storm lamp is of very good quality and very robust , it also illuminates us during windy and rainy evenings.

Outdoor hurricane lamps


  • Brand: Feuerhand
  • Price: From €32.90
  • Learn more



10. Storage and compression covers

Our little secret to keeping our van organised … Compression storage cubes so that everything has its place and we save space in our van. Available in red, green, blue, or black: Aurel, Léonie and I each have our set to store our travel belongings.

Filled Travel Dude Storage Covers


  • Brand: Travel Dude
  • Price: set of 4 at €39.90, set of 7 at €49.90
  • Learn more



11. Travel Trash Can

We were starting to think we were going to create our own travel trash can when we discovered Flextrash, a mobile trash can that can be easily attached anywhere (headrests, table, wall, cupboard, etc.) using different attachments. Plus, they're made from recycled PET. THE solution for a bin suitable for vehicles that we have been waiting for! :)

Flextrash travel bin attached to the headrests of a car


  • Brand: Flextrash
  • Price: bin from €31.90, fixings from €7.40
  • Learn more



12. Collapsible Toaster

In the category of the essentials of our breakfasts, we now present to you the toaster. A luxury that we can easily afford with this super compact toaster that toasts bread on a stove or on a hob as fast as a traditional toaster.

Slice of bread toasting on a Primus Folding Toaster




13. Picnic Blanket

For our picnic breaks and our moments of relaxation on the beach, in the forest or in the grass. Tear-resistant , this blanket accompanies us on all our adventures and it folds up easily (thanks to its features to follow for folding) in a pocket the size of a wallet.

Person enjoying the sun on a beach sitting on a picnic blanket


  • Brand: Matador
  • Price: €29.90, mini version at €19.90
  • Learn more



14. Mini compact excavator

Because it is very important for us to leave the spot as we found it! This retractable shovel is perfect for compost and for natural needs.

Sea To Summit Compact Mini Excavator




15. Camping Toilet

Thanks to the Biovvy Loo camping toilet, we always have a toilet close at hand when we go on the road (very practical for urgent needs in the middle of nowhere). The Bivvy Loo toilet is super sturdy and takes up very little space when folded (we slide it under a seat in our van).

Bivvy Loo Collapsible Camping Toilet






We have created a collection dedicated to our favorites on our e-shop, you will find other accessories that we love to use during our road trips.


DDiscover Casambu's favorite accessories!


And you, what is your favorite vanlife accessory? :)



April 17, 2023 — Noa Lambert

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