The essentials of zero waste in a campervan


You certainly know it as well as we do, vans, camper vans and motorhomes are small spaces in which objects and waste quickly tend to pile up. Having the right equipment without cluttering up and limiting your waste makes the trip much more pleasant!

It is also very important for us to leave no trace in order to impact the environment as little as possible. Nature is so beautiful that it is essential to preserve it as much as possible.

We share with you in this blog article the zero waste accessories that we have found for your road trips.


Zero waste in vans, how?


Keeping your living space in order can be much easier by dealing with the problem at the source:

- consume consciously 
- limit waste
- leave no trace behind

And yes, it's not rocket science! ;)

Whether for hygiene with biodegradable soaps or for the food side with reusable water bottles and tupperware , there are many accessories to help you make your travels more eco-responsible and leave no trace of your passage!

Zero-waste in a van - Accessories Casambu


The 12 zero waste accessories for road trips

1. Solid soaps and toothpastes

Solid care helps to limit plastic bottles and unnecessary waste.

More respectful to the environment, these natural products are also better for your health since they are 100% natural and made from organic ingredients.

Soaps Sloe


  • Brand: Sloe
  • Price: From €6.40 to €10.90
  • Learn more




2. Makeup remover wipes

Cleanse your face or remove make-up with reusable wipes that are very soft and respectful of all skin types.

They wash easily and can be used nearly 300 times! A plus for the environment but also for the wallet. Goodbye disposable wipes!

NomadVanture washable wipes




3. Reusable and washable sponge

This sponge is used to wash the dishes (not too dirty) or the interior of your van (kitchen, bathroom). As effective as a disposable sponge, it can be used for 6 months to 1 year.

NomadVanture Washable Sponge





4. Solid dish soap

Solid dish soap is as effective as standard dishwashing liquid and much more respectful of the environment and health.

Solid dish soap




5. Flextrash bin

For the waste that you are unable to dispose of, this mobile trash can is fixed everywhere thanks to its different fixings. It thus makes it possible to manage waste on road trips and nomadic trips.

In addition, Flextrash bins are made from recycled PET bottles.

Flextrash Compact Bin


  • Brand: Flextrash
  • Price: from €31.90
  • Learn more




6. Laundry bag 

This washing bag allows you to do your laundry outside of lakes and streams to avoid contaminating the water with clothes and washing products.

It is easily used everywhere . Its integrated flexible wash board makes washing as efficient as a conventional machine cycle.

Scruba wash bag




7. DIY Solid Laundry Detergent

Doing your own laundry avoids chemicals and disposable containers.

This 100% natural and zero waste Simple Things preparation is diluted in hot water and allows you to obtain one liter of detergent for more or less 15 washes.

DIY Liquid Detergent - Simple Things





8. Foldable nomadic fireplaces and barbecues 

Taste grilled meats and vegetables and enjoy the warmth of the flames and leave no trace on the floor when you leave. What more ? :)

Portable barbecues and fireplaces are light and compact. When folded, they slip into a slim pouch and take up very little space.

Portable portable barbecue





9. Filter water bottles

The Lifestraw brand offers filter straws and water bottles to drink water wherever you are on your adventures without the need to buy plastic bottles.

Filter bottle


  • Brand: Lifestraw
  • Price: From €29.90
  • Learn more




10. Stainless steel lunch boxes and cutlery

Doing your shopping in bulk and preparing your meals yourself is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact during your travels.

The stainless steel boxes and cutlery allow you to keep your preparations and take them with you during your nomadic getaways.

Black+Blum lunch box


  • Brand: Black+Blum
  • Price: From €13.90
  • Learn more



11. Compact mini excavator

Whether for compost or for natural needs (if you don't have a dry toilet), the shovel is the essential tool to leave no trace when you leave your spot.

Sea To Summit Mini Excavator




12. Dry toilets

A comfortable portable toilet to avoid impacting the surroundings of your spot.

This dry toilet is used with a bag and powder or wood chips . It is easy to clean and its lid, sold separately, will allow you to install the toilet for longer periods of time if you wish.

Bivvy Loo Toilet


  • Brand: Bivvy Loo
  • Price: toilet €74.90, lid €16.90.
  • Learn more







Do you want to discover more zero waste accessories ? Find on our site all our zero waste essentials in a collection dedicated to them.

 Discover the zero waste collection

Zero waste in van

To make your road trips more eco-responsible, our ambassador Marie ( @astrovanfamily ) gives you lots of advice in the article she has prepared just for you. ;)

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