Equipment needed to go with mini-vanlifers.


Going on a road trip, in a van, camper van or motorhome with little adventurers can seem complicated and yet... Traveling on the roads with small children is very easy, especially when we have the right accessories and above all... the essentials! Not too much (so as not to overload), not enough (so as not to miss anything), just what we need!

Baby Léonie took her first road trip when she was 2 months old. We then went on the road, in our little van, for 4 months, until she was 7 months old. We then had time to reflect and test the different options for traveling with baby and which ones suited us best.

And at the height of her (almost) 2 years, she still needs (a few) accessories just for her!

We share with you below the 16 accessories that we think are (very) useful for going on a road trip with babies and toddlers and which will allow you to have everything you (and your child) need to enjoy this great adventure on the roads.


For mini adventurers (under 2 years old)


Babies and small children often need more specific equipment. And yes, despite their small size, they still manage to fill our suitcases and our trunks!

We've selected 8 accessories that you might find useful for your next road trip with baby:

1. A bathtub

What a luxury to be able to take a bath in a van! And yes, our little vanlifers are sometimes very lucky. We had taken a collapsible bathtub to slide it under the bed. A perfect option for the hygiene of a small baby. And for those who have little space and/or prefer versatility, the Sea To Summit foldable basin is also a very good option.


2. A foldable high chair

Mealtimes with a baby starting to eat can become very “interesting” without a chair or armchair. You very quickly find yourself with a baby on your lap and all the food that goes with it (mother's world!). We then discovered the foldable high chair from One 2 Stay and we did not hesitate to add it to our shop.

Equipement vanlife road trip avec enfant et bébé

  • Brand: One 2 Stay
  • Price: 84,90€
  • Dimensions folded: (l)105cm * (d)20cm

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3. Washable bibs with sleeves

On a road trip, we avoid stopping at the laundromat or at a campsite as much as possible to do our laundry, so with a baby, all options are good to avoid laundry. The washable bib with sleeves makes it possible to protect baby (almost) completely and to rinse it after use.

Repas nomades avec bébé et enfants - Bavoir lavable séchage rapide


  • Brand: Lässig
  • Price: 21,90€

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4. Nomadic sleeping bag

The sleeping bag can also take up space, whether in closets or in the baby's bed. Minimiz's sleeping bagcompact have been designed for vanlife and nomadic travel. With their super compact format, they can be taken anywhere so that naps and nights are always warm. We love them!

Gigoteuse chaude nomade compacte - Minimiz
  • Brand: Minimiz
  • Price: 89

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5. Changing bag and nomadic changing mat

The advantage with a van is that we always have our stock of nappies and cotton pads on hand. Except… when we go on an excursion, visit or hike! And in this case, the changing bag with nomadic changing mat integrated is very useful.

Pochette à langer nomade_Laessig
  • Brand: Lässig
  • Price: 89
  • Folded dimensions: (L)10cm * (W)8cm *(h)8cm

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6. Nomadic Tent

We took it on our road trip when Baby Léonie was 3 months old. This nomad tent that unfolds in 2 seconds is a great option to let her play “outside” in the shade and take her nap under a tree sheltered from small animals. We now use it as an extra bed and still for her naps. She loves her little cabin!


Equipement bébé road trip - Vanlife - Tente Deryan


  • Brand: Deryan
  • Price: 79,95
  • Dimensions folded: (d)35cm*(w)9cm




7. Insulated box

If you decide to go away for the day and want to be able to feed your adventurous baby at any time, the boxinsulated can be useful. Before leaving, all you have to do is prepare your mash or other delicious meal beforehand to serve it hot a few hours later.

Repas nomades - Pot isotherme pour bébé et enfant


  • Brand: Lässig
  • Price: 19,90
  • Folded Dimensions: (d)8.8cm*(h)12cm

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8. USB Mixer

The USB mixer is ideal for preparing good little purées. We used it a lot during our road trip because Baby Léonie started diversifying her diet on the roads. This allowed us to prepare small homemade meals for her: purees and compotes just like at home!

Mixeur USB - Accessoires  Vanlife, road trips et pour repas nomades

  • Recharges with a USB socket
  • Price: between €15-30
  • Dimensions: (h) approx. 25cm * (d) approx. 7cm




For all children, young and old


Some accessories are also useful for all ages and especially for little vanlifers who run around and love to go on adventures!
1. Games (compact)
A few games to take from home: a new game or book he/she can discover during the trip. We have added to our e-shop, some 100% vanlife games for the little ones (and the older ones!).
Set de table pour colorier réutilisable - Superpetit
  • Brand: Super Small
  • Price: 24,90€
  • Dimensions unfolded : (L)40cm*(W)30cm.
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2. Baby carrier
Always useful when the little legs of our mini-vanlifers start to get tired. The physiological baby carrier compact and light from MeroMero slips into the backpack to always have it at hand. 
Porte bébé Nomade - Onsen - Meromero
  • Brand: Meromero
  • Price: 115
  • Folded Dimensions: (L)20cm*(w)16cm*(h)10cm

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3. Towel poncho
Hope, whether it's after the shower or after playing in the water, the microfiber poncho kids is perfect for our little adventurers. It is very easy to put on, dries quickly and stores away without taking up space. What more could you ask for?
Poncho enfant serviette microfibre - séchage rapide - Minimiz
  • Brand: Minimiz
  • Price: €44.90
  • Dimensions: (L)55cm * (W)45cm


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4. Rain pants
We were talking about laundry earlier, or rather the different techniques to avoid doing laundry! The rain pants are perfect for letting him/her mop through wet grass, dirt, etc. A quick swipe and... neither seen nor known!


équipement vanlife bébé enfant - Pantalon de pluie

  • Price: between €20 and €100


5. Snack box
Perfect for storing a snack, a few fruits or other for the small appetites of our dear hungry little backpackers!
Boite à gouter - Lassig

  • Brand: Lässig
  • Price: 21,90€
  • Folded dimensions: (L)10cm * (W)8cm *(h)8cm

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6. Ground Blanket / Picnic.
Whether it's playing, eating or otherwise, it's always convenient to sit on a clean, dry floor. When the terrain is not ideal for settling down, the cover of ground is therefore very useful!
The little extra: super compact, it's the size of a wallet when folded.
Couverture pique nique imperméable - Matador
  • Brand: Matador
  • Price: €39.90
  • Unfolded Dimensions: (L)160cm*(W)110cm
  • Folded Dimensions : (L)7.6cm * (W)11.4cm * (h)4cm

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7. Foldable pool
This accessory is the icing on the cake for summer road trips: a small, foldable and compact swimming pool to let the children play once they arrive at the spot (and the little extra: you can also use it to shower or bathe using natural, biodegradable soap).
Piscine pliable pour enfant - équipement vanlife et road trip


8. The book "Vanlife as a family"

Magali and her partner have been traveling the roads for 10 years with their little boy Tao, a real mini-vanlifer.In her book "Vanlife en famille", she shares her experience of vanlife with a child, her advice and itineraries for you goods plans so you too can take the leap and get away in a van and have a good time in a van

Vanlife en famille - Magali Selvi - Livre

  • Family Vanlife - Magali Selvi
  • Price: 23





Do you have other gear that you use with your mini vanlifer(s)? Do not hesitate to share them with us, we will be happy to add them to our e-shop.




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