The Omnia oven

Traveling the roads and exploring the surrounding nature is exhausting! A good comfort food is often the thing we crave the most at the end of the day. And on road trips and nomadic trips, it is quite possible to have fun with good food!

Thanks to the portable mini-oven from the Swedish brand Omnia, you can cook delicious recipes, both sweet and savory. This accessory is a must for cooking like at home (or almost) during your road trips in a van, campervan or camping.

Many of you ask us for more information on this famous Omnia oven which can, indeed, be very intriguing! We have therefore prepared an article dedicated to this accessory which has quickly become essential for road trips in a van and which allows you to make good meals on the road!


1. How the Omnia oven works
5. Practical information about the Omnia oven
1. How does the Omnia oven work?

This extra mini-oven has been specially designed for nomadic meals when camping, bivouacking and on road trips. Its operation is simple and very efficient. It is composed of three parts: a stainless steel base , a mold and an aluminum lid . These three parts combine to create the perfect appliance for cooking all kinds of food on road trips.


Operation of the Omnia oven
  • The base of the oven, in direct contact with the heat source. It distributes the heat evenly without the food coming into direct contact with the flames.
  • The mold, which holds the food. The central chimney raises the heat to diffuse it on the upper part of the food.
  • The lid, placed above the mold, makes it possible to maintain an optimal temperature and to diffuse the heat which rises through the chimney. The oven cover has a central handle to handle it and holes to create ventilation.

2. Where and how to use the Omnia oven?

We use this portable oven both indoors and outdoors. This oven is therefore suitable for all seasons! The Omnia oven is also used like a traditional oven, it does not require any special installation.

It can be used on all types of fire (stoves, gas stove, electric plates) except on induction plates. It is placed on a stove or in the center of a hob.

Cooking times are more or less the same between a traditional oven and the Omnia oven. It is also important to take into account the differences between cooking systems. The Omnia thermometer will help you adjust cooking times and power.

Attention, if the Omnia oven is easy to use, it remains however a device which gives off a strong heat. It is then necessary to ensure its stability in order to avoid any risk of incident.

3. Accessories for optimal use of the oven

Many Omnia accessories are available to complete the auxiliary oven and to be able to diversify the preparations.

1) Silicone molds

The Omnia silicone mold is our essential to prevent food from sticking to the mold (to avoid spending 30 minutes scratching the dish). :) Silicone molds are perfect for all your preparations . They will also ensure that the food is not in direct contact with the aluminum wall of the oven.

Among the various silicone molds, Omnia offers a muffin pan which makes it easy to prepare 6 cupcakes in the oven. Perfect for a snack or, in a savory version, for an aperitif! ;) And for large preparations, a set of two molds is available.

The little trick: put the silicone mold in the dish BEFORE putting the food in it. This will prevent your liquid preparation from falling into the hole.

Omnia silicone mold

2) Cooking grid

The Omnia cooking grid is ideal for baking bread, pastries or preparing meat, poultry and fish without them soaking in juice.

Omnia Grid

3) Thermometer

The Omnia thermometer is the simplest solution to better manage the cooking of food and guarantee the success of the preparations . Indeed, the cooking can vary from one cooking system to another. This thermometer is easily placed on the oven in one of the ventilation holes of the lid.

Omnia Thermometer

4) Hard storage case

This rigid cover designed for Omnia ovens protects the appliance from bumps and scratches. In addition, it prevents the different parts from moving and making noise when your vehicle is in motion.

Omnia oven storage cover

5) Ceramic mold

The Omnia ceramic mold is famous for its non-stick side. This mold has the same dimensions as the classic mold and it makes preparations even easier. A little extra to replace the aluminum mold of the camping oven.

Omnia ceramic mold

6) Maxi mold (3L)

This maxi Omnia mold is designed for large tribes;). To cook larger quantities , the capacity of this mold is 50% larger than the classic mold. It is also used to replace the central part of the oven.

Maxi mold Omnia


7) The recipe book for Omnia

The Omnia recipe book presents many preparation possibilities. Salty, sweet, cakes, meats, gratins... You can find this recipe book on our e-shop in
Omnia oven packs and accessories.


Find on our site the Omnia oven and all its accessories
4. What dishes to cook?

Good news, in the Omnia oven, you can cook whatever you want! No specific recipe is necessary. If you need some inspiration to get started in nomadic cooking or if you want to diversify your preparations in this auxiliary oven, here are some ideas.

Simple, quick and gourmet recipes that will satisfy both large and small appetites. :)

  • Mac and cheese
  • Vegetables quiche
  • Vegetarian lasagna
  • Cinnamon muffins
  • Apple cake

Photos of Omnia oven recipes
You can find many recipes on the Omnia website .

And as a bonus, we also share our favorite recipes with you: banana cake , salmon and baked vegetables!

5. Practical information about the Omnia oven
Technical characteristics of the Omnia oven:
  • Dimensions stacked: (L)25cm * (w)25cm * (h)9cm
  • Weight: about 500g
  • Capacity: 2L
  • Color: red cover

The oven comes with a storage bag , instructions for use and four recipes to prepare with the Omnia oven.

Price of the Omnia oven and accessories:

You will also find in the Omnia collection of our site packs with essential accessories at advantageous prices. Do not hesitate to go there and do everything!


To buy the Omnia oven, it's here!


After this article, the Omnia oven certainly has no more secrets for you! We hope to have answered all your questions and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.
February 14, 2023 — Noa Lambert

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