" To equip you with the accessories you need for an optimal vanlife experience "


On road trips, we feel that the voyage happens inside as well as outside our van. This is why we propose accessories adapted to your little house on wheels and for your outdoor activities.

Our commitment

It is important for us that Casambu proposes high quality products which can satisfy our nomad travelers. This is why we carefully select them by respecting the 4 criteria below :

Casambu_Nos accessoires


  • Efficiant : the quality and efficiency of our products are essential. This is why we carefully select our suppliers and our products to enable them to withstand all your adventures.
  • Practical : vanlife is specific and sometimes needs special equipment. By selecting your products, we ensure they are designed for your vanlife adventures and adapted to nomad voyages. The products have been tested and approved by nomad vanlifers and travelers.
  • Durable: Good equipment is made to last. Over and above the efficiency of our products, we feel that durability and the environmental approach of our brands are particularly important. This is why we try to select, whenever it is possible, durable and eco-friendly brands. Check “The + for the planet” for all our products.
  • And attractively designed ! Because in a very small place, we want to have accessories we like !



Our eco-friendly approach

We at Casambu are proud of our commitment to durable and efficient products. We carefully select high quality products adapted to your vanlife experiences.

In short, Casambu is:

↟ Recycled and recyclable packaging
↟ A selection of durable and eco-friendly brands
↟ Zero carbon shipping by Colissimo which compensates the generated emissions.

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