Want to take your sweetheart on the road?

Aurel and I (Ori) took our first road trip in a van a few months after we met.
That was the big test for our relationship: 24/7 in a very small space! And as you can imagine, we didn't do too badly! ;)

Travelling in a van allows us to disconnect, to get together for a weekend, a week, a few months to discover new horizons on the roads and experience great adventuresfor 2.

So we're taking advantage of Valentine's Day / Valentine's Day to share some ideas for you to spend the best of weekends with your favorite vanlifer.e!

Here are some ideas for an unforgettable romantic weekend!
Casambu_Weekend Vacances Vanlife_Planifier
Step 1: Plan your road trip (or not!)

If you are new to a van and want to test vanlife for a weekend, we advise you to plan a little bit to get an idea of ​​your itinerary, what you want to do and discover and where you are going. wish to sleep (wild camping, homestay or camping).

Make sure you leave some room for spontaneity, in case you find a spot with stunning views or a small village just waiting to be visited. You will then have time to stop and enjoy it to the full.

If you're already used to road trips in a van - you might want to let yourself be carried away by the discoveries... then GO!

Our little tip: Use the Park4night apps to help you find the spot of your dreams, Google Maps to save the map and your places to visit and for more inspiration, find our van travel books and guides.

Casambu_Blog vanlife_Weekend Vacances en van_Location
Step 2: Find your van (essential ;) )

Today, there are many options for renting a van, van or motorhome, close to home and for a weekend.

There are many options available to you:

  • From individuals to individuals : many platforms allow you to rent the van, van or motorhome to another traveler who is also passionate about road trips. The best known platforms are: Yescapa, Wikicampers, Indicampers, etc.
  • National rental agency : present throughout France, van rental agencies allow you to find the van that suits you. You can watch at We Van, Black Sheep, Road Surfers, etc.
  • Local Rental Agencies: There are many more local agencies that have a few campervans, vans and/or motorhomes for hire near you. To find them, use Google :).

Our little advice: Book as soon as possible, to be sure to have the van of your dreams!

And for all the lucky ones who already have their van, van or motorhome, all you have to do is take the keys!

Casambu_Blog Vanlife_Weekend Vacances en van aménagé_Sur la route
Step 3: Let's go Simone!

Let's hit the road! That's it, the big moment has finally arrived. It's time to buckle up, fire up the engine and go on an adventure.

Take your phone chargers, USB cables and your favorite snack on the road and put on your favorite playlist!

Our little tip: Download “Google Maps Offline” so you don't get lost in areas where the 4G connection is poor and save your "To see" spots so you don't have to look for them later

Our favorite music for road trips? "This is Caamp" - We let you discover it here!

Blog Vanlife - Casambu - Diner romantique

Step 4: A Candlelight Dinner

The advantage of road trips in a van / motorhome is to have a fully equipped kitchen at hand, with all the necessary utensils to cook good meals.

Take the opportunity to enjoy a romantic glass of wine in a magnificent place that you have chosen just for you and prepare a good dinner for him by candlelight. Even better than a restaurant, your better half will be thrilled!

Our little tip: Find all our tips for cooking in a van on our blog and our Banana Cake recipe to cook in the van with the Omnia oven.

Casambu_Blog Vanlife_Weekend vacances en van aménagé_Soirées
Step 5: Gaze at the stars around a campfire

After a good romantic dinner, take your warm sweater out of the van and go look at the stars.

To warm up, you can light a campfire, hug each other and enjoy this beautiful Vanlife evening together.

Our little advice: Remember to take wood in advance which will burn easily. Our compact and foldable Wolf & Grizzly and UCO barbecues can also help you make a nice fire in all conditions (snow, wet ground, etc.) and without damaging nature. #LeaveNoTrace.

Casambu_Blog Vanlife_Weekend vacances Van aménagé_Petit déjeuner

Step 6: Breakfast in bed

Another advantage of vanlife? Breakfast is never too far from bed! So take the opportunity to prepare him a good breakfast in bed with the good smell of coffee or tea.

Our tip: Impress your favorite vanlifer.e with the smell of toasted toast in the early morning with a foldable toaster.

Casambu_Blog Vanlife_Weekend vacances road trips_Découvrir
Step 7: Go on an adventure

It's your turn to explore the surroundings and discover new horizons with your lover.se.

Our tip: Enjoy! And if you want to write down your favorites and memories together, you can discover this pretty Vanlife travel diary.

We wish you a wonderful, unforgettable and AMAZING road trip as Aurel would say ;) Send us some pictures!

February 04, 2022 — Ori & Aurel
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