If it is …

  • to discover and to dream about vanlife, 
  • for first road trips in a friend’s van or in a rented van,
  • to celebrate the acquisition of the van, 
  • and to equip the van for future adventures,

… the Casambu gift card is just right for you !

By selecting the amount, you can offer a gift card dedicated to vanlife which allows the persons receiving it to choose the accessories they want for their future road trips by van or camping car.

This gift card is 100% digital which means you receive it directly by email. You can then decide if you want to print it or transfer it by email to your favourite voyager.

Do you want to associate your digital card with a real paper gift card? That’s also possible !

Ori has prepared some attractive designs for you :

  • A Do It Yourself card and envelope,  sent by email within hours of your purchase (for last minute gifts!)
  • An attractive card with its envelope, that we send to you by post within 48 hours (guaranteed impact!). You can then accompany the card with a small personalized message. 

October 23, 2023 — Ori & Aurel

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